Saturday, December 29, 2007

White Elephant

"It's not how deep you fish, but how you wiggle your worm." - Jim Congdon

I don't remember having this much fun playing poker. I don't know that any one person was really responsible for the idea, but I'm sure glad we did it. 10 players came to the first edition (hopefully to become an annual tradition) of the Pablosplace White Elephant Christmas - Poker style. For those that read this and aren't familiar with the White Elephant gift exchange, each player brought a gift with a maximum expenditure of $5, wrapped (well, save Andrew who eventually used a paper towel and tape to finish his wrapping after much encouragement). Round 1 began, and the action was fast and furious from the get go. Nobody seemed to mind much getting bounced from the game, because loosing meant; you get to open a gift.

The idea was, the first person out opened one of the wrapped gifts. The second person out had the option of either stealing the opened gift, or opening a new unopened gift. The third person has the option now of stealing two gifts, or opening a new one, and so on and so on until all gifts are open. A couple of rules, 1) No direct steal backs. If you're item is taken by someone, you cannot immediately take the item back. 2) An item can only be stolen a maximum of 3 times. We also made a rule that the person who won would get the opportunity to steal any gift, regardless of the number of previous steals, and for the victory, had the option of opening the final gift, and then steal something else that they'd rather have if desired.

Needless to say, it was a blast. Notable gifts were definitely the white fur female coat that was opened by Tim, a singing Barney doll that danced and sang to 50 cent, and the 1995 Braves video encapsulating the teams world series run, just to name a few. It was an awesome game that lasted about an hour and a half. Andrew came in first, or last as the present opening process shook down. But with 1000 chips on the table, and presents galore, it was a whole lot of fun.

Round two was for the money. Becky couldn't stay unfortunately, so we played 9 handed. Action definitely slowed. Eventually, after being 5 handed for quite some time, Brian busted, followed by Tay. Mike McAnn, who made his first appearance to Pablosplace since the Encino game, finished in the money in third place, and got his entry back. Tim finished runner-up to Andrew, who won $10-$30 respectively.

I'm hoping to make this a regular tradition every year. We had some discussion about how to celebrate Seven-Deuce day. It's premature, for certain, as it isn't until July, but the thought is that we should all play in a local tournament somewhere. The Bike and Hollywood Park have been thrown out in suggestion. I guess the basic idea is to have everyone reserve the date on the calendar so that we can get the whole crew down to play on July 2nd. I think it should be a $30 to $100 investment depending on where we play, the number of add-ons, re-buys, entry fee, etc. Personally, I'd like to avoid a tournament with anything that has any add-ons or re-buys. But I'm game for whatever as long as we're playing.

Thanks to Jen, Mike, Tim, Andrew, Jordan, Brian, Tay, Becky, and Traci for making the game at Pablosplace such a success.

Next week looks OK for now. See you then. P

Sunday, December 16, 2007

All good things must come to an end.

Including (but not limited to) the long absence from posts. Just haven't really felt motivated to do anything lately. Even type about it. I've been cold for a while now, and haven't really wanted to write about it. This has however benefited really everyone that's played here lately. Not to take anything away from Jordan, Andrew, and Tim, who have played really well lately. But I've felt lousy, and my play has been even worse.

Friday night was more luck than anything else. 6 players, including a new face (thanks Jen for coming, and please don't make it your last visit). The first one out was Andrew. Feeling under the weather, about 8 hands in, he got mixed up in a big pot with Jordan. Jordan flopped trip 5's, and Andrew turned trip 3's. First to act, Andrew raised Jordan all in, and Jordan called to reveal his higher set. We played 5 handed for a while. Jen, Traci, and I, then re-bought to infuse more chips into the game. Then one by one we all fell. Jordan ended up doubling Tim (twice), and eventually, Tim and I were left heads up. I would say that he had a slight lead lead, maybe 5 to 4. Two big hands gave him an 8 to 1 lead, and eventually he finished the deal when I moved for my last 80 with Q-6 of spades. The flop produced a 6, and the river another 6. But as it turns out, an Ace is better than a Q, and I finished second.

Next week we look to be a go. Feel free to bug me to update this more regularly.

Cheers, P

Saturday, October 27, 2007

7 Players

We had one new addition, and one long time return. Two great big thanks to Josh, one for defending our country as an active member of the Marine Corps, and two for his first visit to pablosplace. And thanks to Dustin who we hadn't seen grace the game in far too long. Both players played very well tonight. And then thanks again to all the regulars who also made returns.

It was a while before the first elimination. Andrew nursed a short stack until about 10:30 when I caught him having pushed all in several times. He finally made a move with A-3 spades. I called his last 24 with K-Q of clubs. The board came Jc-10c-blank, giving me straight flush draws, straight draws, and flush draws, as well as the possibility to take it on any K or Q. The turn blanked as well, but the river was 9, and Andrew was the next to go when I made my straight.

Traci went out next when she moved all in pre-flop for her last 60 from the small blind. I had raised from 4 to 12, so it was a big raise. Action folded around to me, and after going into the tank for a couple of minutes, I called with A-Q. She turned over 7-2. The Q on the turn left her drawing dead to the river, and she was out in 6th.

Tim was third out, busted by Josh. He had some really tough beats tonight, having Aces cracked twice, and then doubling a few times on some really great flush draws. Finally, he moved all-in short stacked with A-7 hearts, to be called and taken down by Josh in 5th.

4 handed, I then was able to dwindle chips most of the way with my large stack. Dustin went out next trying to push me off a hand with J-5, but I made the call with J-10. He failed to improve and went out in 4th position.

Three handed, Josh was the next to go, as he moved all-in on a board of Q-7-8-3, but his pair was behind my Q, and he didn't improve on the river.

Heads up with Peter, I began with a 6 to 1 chip lead. We played about a dozen hands. Peter made his move three times, and the third, I caught him when I had pocket 10's He had an Ace, but failed to spike it on the board and I took down first place.

Next week looks fine for right now. Catch you then. Cheers, P

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank goodness for Re-Buys

5 players on Friday, and Jordan was catching cards in round 1 like you wouldn't believe.

I was actually the first to go out in round one. Holding pocket 9's, the flop came out Kd-9d-Jh. I raised, Jordan pushed all-in with a bigger stack, I called with trip 9's. Jordan fliped over pocket K's, and I was done. But a re-buy put me back in it. Tim was the next to go, and then he re-bought, and then went out again. Traci then went out, and then re-bought, and then went out again. Then Andrew, nursing the small stack for some time, made a couple of double ups, stole some really decent blinds, and finally busted. Heads up, Jordan had me at a 9 to 1 chip advantage. I made a small comeback getting back to a 2 to 1 at one point but Jordan took down three consecutive pots to win, finally busting me on an all-in pre-flop that I called with A-6 of clubs. He turned over pocket J's, and I never caught up.

In round two, I pretty much controlled the tempo from the get-go. Andrew eliminated Jordan first, and then Tim went out second. Andrew and I's heads-up match didn't last very long, as I caught a miracle card on the river to make a straight. Pot committed, Andrew called my all-in with top pair (leading the entire way and calling each of my bets to push him out). I felt dirty.

Next week looks ok again. See you then.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday Night Quads

Five players on Friday. And I have to say, I really do feel for Traci, who lost to quad 5's, not once but twice.

First time around, I was holding 6-5, when the flop came out 5-5-5. I checked the flop from UTG, Traci checked back. The turn came up with a Q, and I checked, and Traci led out with 8, and I called. The turn blanked, and I led out with 12, and it was called by Traci leaving her with about 30 or so chips. It was tough as she showed pocket J's, but the full house wasn't as good as the quad 5's.

The second big hand came and delivered the blow to both Traci and I. Sitting on pocket K's, and a board of J-10-5, Jordan moved all in, was called by Traci, and then by me. Traci turned over J-10 for two pair, I flipped my K's, and Jordan flipped over pocket 5's for the lead. Having us both covered, the river came up with the 4th 5, and both Traci and I were gone.

I went out first in round two, and Andrew and Tim played an hour long heads up before Tim came out on top.

All looks well for next week.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday....back to the regs

We had 5 players on Friday night. Regulars Tim, Jordan, Andrew, and Traci.

Short version, I took down round one, nursing a short stack until midway. Tim ended up taking the $5 second prize.

For round 2, Traci bounced me first. On a board of A-J-blank, Andrew led out large, and it was called by me and Traci. The board blanked again on the turn, and we all checked around. The final card helped no-one, and Andrew moved all-in. I called, Andrew having me covered, and then Traci called. I had A-K, Andrew pocket K's, but Traci took the pot with two pair A-J's. That stack carried her to the final two, where eventually Jordan took her heads up.

More fun this Friday, as I think that we should be a go. I'll let you know if anything changes. Cheers, P

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night 9

9 Players tonight, and we played two rounds.

In round one, Tim was the first to go on hand number 3. His pair of aces got unlucky when Becky hit trip 6's on the river. But he helped Jen (who after about an hour or so, seemed much more interested in the rain, spiders, and polar bowling than playing with the massive chip stack she'd collected. Andrew and Jen slowly eliminated everyone until they ended up heads up, with Jen having a large chip stack. Andrew doubled up after about 7 hands, and after taking the chip lead, he was able to finish the deal.

Becky and Jen couldn't join us for round 2, so we played 7 handed. Tim exited first again, and we played 6 handed for quite sometime. Mike was down to 3 chips at one point, and was able to rebound to around 40 or so. I had my best hand with a little luck. Jordan raised pre-flop and I called with A-10 of diamonds. On of flop that gave two diamonds, Jordan bet out a small amount, and I made the call. When the turn gave me the nut flush, Jordan bet all-in, and I easily called. He turned over pocket A's, and I had him drawing dead. That took me to around 1/3 of the chips in play. From there, I was able to control the table and eventually took Jordan out heads up (after doubling him once) with pocket 6's.

Next week is a maybe. With Brett in town, I may be out and about. I'll send another post out later when I know for sure. Cheers, P

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Desert Run

After last weeks cheesecake, it became apparent that we needed another desert (I smell a trend going forward with other pablosplace games). So, about 20 minutes into round one, we agreed that the first person to bust was making a desert run. The honor went to Tay, who humbly declined. The second person out was Tim, who responded with great enthusiasm. About 30 minutes later, we had the tub of strawberry vanilla ice cream. Good stuff. Not the promised ice cream sandwiches mind you, but more delicious.

After Tay and Tim, Traci was next to go, followed by Brian busting Andrew. That left me heads up with Brian, and a chip deficit of 5 to 1. I lost most of my chips on the third hand when my fives came up short against Brians two pair. Left with a short stack, I went all in with A-3, and Brian called with J's. I failed to improve, and round 1 went to Brian.

On the first hand of round two, I lost 40% of my chips on the first hand to Brian. Tay was again first to go, followed by a hand that got most of my chips. Whit a board of 7-7-J, and Tim all-in pre-flop, I bet out, and Brian called. The turn was a 4, and I bet out again, Brian raised all in, and I immediately called turning over 8-7 of hearts. Brians pair two pair didn't improve, and I more than doubled up, also eliminating Tim. Andrew went out next, followed by Brian, leaving Traci and I heads up. After 8 hands, I turned a full house, and called Traci's all in to take the pot and the round.

We went late in the night, and had a ton of fun and some really good laughs. Andrew was really on a roll. So far, we look good for this coming Friday. Gator, P

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Poker and Cheesecake

A magical combination.

We were able to enjoy a magnificent combination last night; mixing poker with birthday cheesecake. The Oreo cookie cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory didn't add to my poker playing abilities, as I was bounced out 4th in round one, and 5th in round two (of the 5 players we had).

Or table was graced by a new player at pablosplace last night (loved the company Beth), and she held her own in round 2 quite well.

Round one saw Beth taken down by Traci when she moved all in with K-6 on a board of Q-J-J. Traci made the call with her Q, and had Beth covered. The board didn't improve, and Beth was gone. The remaining four played for sometime until I decided that I didn't like chips any. Big slick wasn't so great for me. Traci went out to Andrew in third, giving him a huge stack heads up versus Tim. Tim had a good go, but eventually succumbed to the large stack.

In round two, I syphoned off all my chips to Tim early (Again with A-K) as Tim paired his 10's off the flop. I failed to improve and went out first. Beth later eliminated both Traci and Andrew on the same hand, and left herself in great position, virtually equal heads up to Tim. They went about 20 hands deep until eventually Tim came out on top.

We had a lot of laughs (and a lot more song than usual). Next Friday looks good for right now. Cheers, P

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Final Table

9 Players tonight, and boy was I catching cards.

After recieving a pummeling at Robert and Tay's the night before (three re-buys, and nothing to show), I really dominated tonight. I knew that things were going well when my Q-J of spades flopped Ks-10s-Blank. A bet by Yesenia of 8 was called. The turn of 9s was the best possible card that could have been given me. Yesenia bet out 4, I called. The turn was the 8s, and Yesenia checked. I bet out 8 more, and Yesenia only called with the As. The second striaght flush for me in as many weeks. A little later, I took out Tim, who then re-bought. I took down Yesenia next.

A little while later, Tay busted out to me. Then Traci lost to me. Steve then lost to Andrew. Robert was busted by me, and I then busted Jordan, Andrew, and finally Tim. In the end, I had a massive chip stack of close to 8 or 9 hundred chips of the 1100 in play (after the re-buys). When I took down Jordan, Andrew was left with about 50, and Tim had just under 100. Two hands was all that I needed to bust Tim heads up.

Round two saw Tim get busted first, and I went out second loosing 4 consecutive pots to bust out. Jordan busted next, leaving Traci and Steve heads-up. On a board of 4-3-2 rainbow, Traci raised 8 to take down a decent pot, leaving Steve with about 60 chips. Steve chipped away taking a few smaller pots, and then the traded pots for a little while. Then for about fifteen minutes, Steve folded nearly every hand, dwindling to almost 50 chips. Steve moved all in for his final 35, and Traci called. Steve held pocket 6's to Traci A-9. The board didn't help Traci, and Steve doubled his chip stack.

Later, Traci caught two pair (J's and 8's) to bring Steve down to about 20 or so chips. Steve goes all-in and doubles up when his J-10 hit a J on the flop, and Traci failed to improve on her Q-9. But it was over shortly after when Traci made a straight with A-3 to Steve's two pair.

Next week looks good again and we'll probably go at Traci's place at 8. Until next week, cheers, P.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Outdoor Poker....

with Tiki Torches we found equals two things, temparture down, bugs up.

After a week that sweltered with a mild day on Thrusday of about 102, and no real AC in my place, Pablosplace truned to the good ole' outdoors (AKA, my backyard) on Friday night to play some no limit hold em'. As the WSOP main event saw its kick off, we had 7 players in all. In my opinion, the play rivaled what was taking place (and is now currently taking place) at the Rio.

The first to get bounced was Andrew. He just caught a rotten run of cards. Second was myself. I was dealt my first "Big" hand (J-10 offsuit) and the flop came up A-J-7. Short stacked, and needing desperately to get more chips, I pushed all in and got a call from Steve. His ace had me beat and I didn't improve.

Shortly after I left, the game was moved back inside as the bugs began to take over. Traci went next, followed by Dylan, then Jordan, which left Tim heads up with Steve. Tim had a dominating chip stack and won quickly.

For round two, we began just after 11 PM. We went 5 handed as Traci and Jordan left. Dylan was the first to go, and then 4 handed lasted nearly and hour an a half, with Tim nursing the shortest of short stacks for virtually 40 minutes. Finally, he was bounced out. Three handed lasted nearly an hour longer. And at sometime near 2:20, Andrew finally lost his remaining chips to me. That left me heads up with Steve, and I think we saw three hands before he took down the big one.

Next week, I'm planning on having Friday night at Traci's who has central AC. Give me a holler if you don't know where it's at. See you next week. P

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bring the significant other.....dominate

That was the story for the last game on Friday. Kudos to Kelsey for making her first appearance and placing runner up to her sweetums Drew, twice.

We went two rounds and Andrew dominated two times with massive chip stacks, and surprisingly super aggresive play. He took both pots and made us all look silly.

This Friday is on again at my place. See you all at 8. Cheers, P

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't Call it a Comeback.....

I've been blogging for years???? Well not exactly.

After much anticipated fanfare, the blog for Pablo's Place has returned. (Yeah! Much Fanfare - Sirens and Horns, and large drums - hooting and hollering: OK, done now).

I've been marred in a plethora of homework and professional work, as well as maintaining sanity while being a parent, and a life as a boyfriend, and this was the item that was whacked like Phil Leotardo on the final episode of the Sopranos (SUV running over its head and all). But thank goodness for TV - the ability to resurrect is upon us, no more excuses. Just poker updates as to what's going on in my poker universe.

Friday wasn't the first game at my place since wedding poker. It was however, one of my forgettable ones. After a few weeks in a row of winning, we had six players, of which I was destined to finish 6th. After all was said and done, it was a 5th place finish for me. I went from the chip lead, to doubling up Traci (thrice) and to short stack in a matter of 6 hands. U-G-L-Y it ain't got not alibi, its ugly. That's right ugly. Traci was short stacked and catching miserable cards until she figured out, "hey I could just play cards with Paul and I'd take all of his chips, even if I start out with the worst hand." Ah, poker. That's why we all love her. It was that kind of night for me. In the end, I was done in with A-7, an All-In was called by Traci who had 10-9 of clubs. Pre-flop, I said that I was toast. Flop was A-10-4. I was in serious trouble. The turn was another 10. I was done unless there was another Ace for me, and alas, there was not.

Tim was next to go, he too was chip leader for a long time until Andrew took a large pot from him. Andrew went next however, and left Traci and Jordan heads up. With the chip stacks being almost identical, Traci moves all in with K-J suited, and gets called by Jordan who had slightly more chips and a vastly inferior hand (I don't even remember what it was to be honest it was so poor). But heads up, any two cards are good, and turns out, his was. Jordan took home the $25 pot, with Traci getting her money back. And the curtain fell shortly after 11PM.

Next week we look good for my place at 8. Tim's getting back from the LOVE BOAT in plenty of time. I expect a large sunburn when he gets here. Andrew should be in as well. I know that Traci is a no-go as she's getting some help from Rhonda (or the other way around?). I don't know about Jordan. So we have at least 3, and would love to add some more. Until next week. But before we go, here's my tribute to the Soprano's finale.

I've found the secret to winning poker by playing the PS2 version of WSOP. It's really pretty simple actually. All you have to do is.......

-Screen Fades to Black -

Decide for yourself.

Cheers, P

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wedding Poker

Many Kudos to Tim and Kendall on their new marriage. It was a fantastic ceremony on the beach in beautiful Rosarito, Mexico. It was amazing, in every sense, and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it.....Thanks for the opportunity, and again, I wish you many continued years of happiness.

Friday night, after the rehearsal dinner, poker was on in my room. We had 6 players (Traci, Brian, Tay, Tim, Trevor, and I). We only played one round and it was a long one. Tay was the first to go. She lost a large portion of her chip stack my direction when I turned trip-Jacks. Her two pair didn't stand, and she lost a lot of trips on the river.

Traci was the next to go, followed by Tim, both of which were knocked out by Trevor, who caught lousy cards in the beginning, and amazing cards toward the end. He punished me with pocket Kings, and bounced me when I had absolutely squat.

Heads up between Brian and Trevor was a pretty good one. At one point, Brian had almost got to an even chip stack, but it was for naught. Trevor came out on top and won the $20 pot, $10 to Brian.

Friday night is a go at my place as usual. I'll see everyone here at 8. Cheers - P

Monday, April 2, 2007

Saturday Night Tournment Results

We brought 4 players to the tournament at the Mark Erik's Salon in Northridge, and had very good results. The game was for charity, and the setup was different than any of us had played in, but was a ton of fun. Jordan, Christian, Andrew and I, all competed for prizes that we had no idea what they'd be. In fact, they didn't really announce the prizes until near the end of the tournament.

In all, I would guess that we had about 50 players. Jordan, Andrew, and I began the night at the same table. Jordan started with 30 chips and amassed a large chip stack of around 180 or so. Andrew was the first to exit. Jordan than had to go, and he passed his chip stack my way. He had work the next morning and just couldn't stay until the end. Christian did quite well for himself at the other table. He joined ours after about an hour and a half with 3 times as many chips as he began with. I was about double what I started with when Jordan hooked me up.

At a little after 9 PM, we were down to two tables with just me an Christian remaining from our group. In my second hand, I dealt pocket Kings in the small blind. Everyone called around, so when my turn came I raised the big blind four times, and everyone called (very loose table). The Flop came out 5-K-4, and I raised the pot. After two folds, one player moved all in. Two more folds to me, and I called. She turned over 5-4 for her two pair but was too far behind. The river gave a case 4 giving her a full house, but my Kings over 4's was better. That doubled my stack to over 400 instantly, and I was a commanding chip leader.

I lost a lot of chips when I raised and someone pushed all in on a board of 6-10-4. I held 10-9 and as loose as he was playing, called the all-in, he turned over pocket 6's and doubled up off of me making him the chip lead.

The final table came at about 10:20. The game was supposed to last until 10:30 when they were going to close down. With Christian was bounced in 6th place. With 4 remaining, the person to my left and short stacked moved all in, was called, and I moved all in as well with pocket 8's. They held and it eliminated 2 players at once to place me heads up. It was now 10:45, and we both agreed to one final hand to determine the winner (first and second prize were the same). He was dealt face up A-7, and I had Q-4. The flop came up with a 7, and the turn had a 4, but the river was blank for us both. And it was over.

Thanks for everyone that did come by, and thanks to the staff at Mark Erik's Salon. It was an awesome time.

For this Friday, there will be no poker at my place as I'll be at a birthday party on Friday. Tim had made mention about the possibility to do something at his place, and I'll keep you posted if he does. Next week, we're off as well as we'll be at Tim's wedding in Mexico.

Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday Night Results - 3/30/07

We had four players tonight, and played two rounds. It was a good night for me taking home both pots, $20 each.

In round one, Christian was the first to go, and Tim shortly after. Heads up was with Andrew, and I'm so tired right now, I don't remember what the winning hand was. The major hand came when Andrew laid down top pair after I re-raised him all-in with an under pair. But I had him covered and he couldn't make the call. After that, it was only a matter of time.

In round two, Christian went out again, and then Andrew this time. I had pocket Kings and the flop came out with Two clubs, one of which was an ace. The turn was another club and I raised all-in. Andrew laid down A-10, which would have crippled me. Instead, I got really healthy. I was a 3 to1 chip lead heading into heads up against Tim and took the first 3 small pots. I was dealt pocket Kings again and called the big blind. Tim raised, and I re-raised all-in. Tim called with pocket 4's and the board was no help.

For next week, there will be no poker. I'll be attending a 5 year old birthday party for Nikki at Build-A-Bear workshop at the Northridge mall. The following Friday will also be a no-go at my place as I'll be at Kendall and Tim's wedding in Mexico.

So our target is 3 weeks. Also, a reminder that tomorrow night is at the Mark Erik's Salon in Northridge at the corner of Devonshire and Reseda. There is a $25 buy in with multiple re-buys for the charity tournament. It should be fun. Christian is the only one who committed with me. Traci is a firm maybe. We'll see. Hopefully we can pull a few more from our group.

I'll send updates to the blog after tomorrow nights tournament, but for now, I'm going to bed $30 heavier in the wallet. Cheers - P

Monday, March 26, 2007

Bachelor Party Extravaganza

WOW! What a weekend. Tim, let me first start out by thanking you for getting married, and giving us permission to party. Not that we really needed the permission to do so, but an excuse is always helpful. It was a freaking blast. We stayed the night at a hotel in the Santa Ynez/Solvang area and stopped at AJ something-or-another for diner (excellent steaks and awesome boot pictures). Then went back to the hotel for some poker.

I was the first one out, when I flopped a set of aces with my A-7. I raised post flop to 20 when the flop came up A-8-A. Trevor re-raised me, prompting Andrew to fold. I re-raised all-in and Trevor called with A-8. That took me out. I tried watching Star Wars but I’d had too much beer and went in to go to sleep because we’d be up early the next morning. Rumor has it that Andrew ended up on top that night.

We had six players from our group enter the $20,000 No Limit Texas Hold ‘em tournament in Santa Ynez at the Chumash Casino. The entry fee was $125, and they limited the number of players to their maximum capacity of 154. They also ended up with 14 standby players that also got into the tournament after early exits, so the field was capped at 168.

The tournament registration began at 7AM sharp, with those that were playing at tables getting first dibs on entry. We got there a little after 6:15, and I decided to sit down at the 2-4 limit table to guarantee a spot. My first hand dealt me 9-8 Suited, and I made a full house, almost doubling my chip stack. The second hand was A-K suited, I made a nut flush with someone else holding trips. Another almost double up. These two hands alone almost paid for my tournament.

After registering, we all got Pancakes at Paula’s Pancake House in Solvang. If you ever go, get the Danish Pancakes. They are INSANE and OH so good. We headed back to the hotel to check out and shower and change. We played some poker for an hour or so as well. The tournament didn’t start until 10:15.

Each of us were sitting at different tables. Jordan was the first to exit about an hour into the tournament. His set of 8’s were out kicked. Tim and Andrew went out about the same time about a half hour later. Andrew had his aces cracked by someone hitting a straight. Tim got bounced calling an all-in bet that had him covered with K-Q suited. When the guy turned over A-10, trouble was his. The flop produced a 10, and the river a case Ace. That ended his tournament.

Brian did surprisingly well lasting until the field dropped to about 60 or so. Since we taught him how to play the night before, this may have been the performance of the day. O.K. it was really Trevor, but I’m really proud of this one too.

The field narrowed to 40 and the first break came at 1 PM. Trevor and I were still in it, and both of us had dwindling chip stacks. I heard that at one point Trevor tripled up, although I have no idea what he had. I doubled up when some one called my AK suited with A-9. That gave me 30K, which dwindled over time. With 21 left, I was left with about 12K and pushed all in with KQ of hearts, and was called by A-K off suit. That was the end for me. But it allowed me to get into the money where I finished in 21st place and received $200.

But the real story of the day was Trevor. With 16 people left, Trevor was dealt Aces, and called the big blind (5K). The big blind raised all in, and Trevor had him. That doubled him up to a healthy 40K chip stack. Right after that, two people were eliminated on the same hand narrowing the field to 14. 40 Minutes later, we were down to 12, and Trevor’s chip stack was dwindling. With 11 players left, and Trevor’s chip stack getting low, someone pushed all-in pre-flop, and Trevor called with A-J of clubs. When the guy turned over A-8 off suit, I thought we were in great shape. But alas, the flop produced an 8-blank-blank. The turn and river were no help, and Trevor was the last person out prior to the final table. He took home a $275 prize.

It was an amazing couple of days, with a lot of fun. Sorry to those that weren’t able to make it. There were a lot of laughs and an AWESOME hot tub (it must have been 120 degrees). Good times.

For this week, I keep hearing that we should play both on Friday and on Saturday. I’m cool with that. So we’ll plan on Friday night at my place as usual, and then Saturday is the Tournament at the Mark Erick’s Salon in Northridge.

My place is the usual $5 buy in, and Mark Erick’s Salon is $25 with multiple re-buys.

Thanks again to all the boys that rolled up in our little miss sunshine van, Tim, Trevor, Brian, Andrew. It was an awesome trip. And to Jordan who had a late night at work on Saturday and still managed to make the trip up. My sincere thanks. It was the most fun that I’ve had in a weekend in a while.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

This Friday

Is a no-go. We will be taking full advantage of the fact that Tim is getting married, and using this for a single-guys party, otherwise known as a bachelor party. As a result, no poker this Friday.

For next Friday, I'm thinking that we may fore-go pablosplace in favor of the Tournament at the Mark Erik's Salon in Northridge. I talked to Shannon today, and she still didn't have all of the details. Right now, what I know is that it is a $25 buy-in, and that the tournament is for charity. So most likely, there will be re-buys, and ad-ons at some point as the idea is to raise cash for the charity. But its a good cause. I'll post more as I know more, but this may be the alternative to Friday Night Poker next week.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Results

Tim goes from a no-go, to a "I'll be there late," to a winner of 2 out of 3 games. We were 5 handed to start tonight. Jordan was first to bounce, as Tim caught a lucky ten on the river to get trips after Jordan had pushed all in with queens. The extra chips made him the favorite. Traci knocked me out, and then Andrew lasted for some time after that.

In game two, Tim dominated again and took home another $15 pot.

In the third game, Andrew finally caught cards and took home enough to break even for the night.

Also, for those that missed tonight, you missed a Girl Scout Cookie opporunity.

Remember, next week is off as I'll be headed up to San Francisco, but if you're interested Tim's got a game going on Friday's at the Bicycle Casino (I think that it's in Commerce) at noon. Something like a $40 buy in. I don't know much else, but it's an option to Friday Night.

On the 23rd, we're also not playing because of Tim's Weekend Extravaganza. He doesn't know all the details yet, so we'll continue to keep him in the dark a little. (THE ZOO BABY!!!!!!!)

And finally, the 30th is looking like the $25 tournament at the Mark Erick Salon in Northridge. More details to follow as I get them (Come on Shannon - give a guy a heads up). That's it for this week.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tomorrow Night

We're on for tomorrow night. I have 6 confirmed players, with an upside of a few more maybes. I'll see you all at my place at 8 as usual.

Saturday, March 3, 2007

Friday, March 2

We had 5 players tonight, and only played one game. I have to say, it was one of the best played rounds of poker in a long time. We started at 8:30 and ran until 12:30. 4 hours of poker.

In the end, Tim came out on top winning the $20 pot. I thought that he was going to beat me when the flop came up Q-3-6. I flopped a pair of 3's, and checked to Tim, who checked as well. The river came up another 6 and I pushed all in. Tim then folded a Queen. A narrow escape.

A few hands later, I pushed All-In with 10-7 when the flop came up K-7-4. Tim called with K-10 and it was all over.

Christian was down to 16 chips at one point and came back to take the chip lead for a while. And I had dwindled down to 17 chips before a triple up got me back in it.

I guess that it just goes to show that all you need is a chip and a chair.

We should be ok for next Friday. I already have commitments from 5 with a couple of probably's, so it should be a good turnout.

We're a definate no-go on the 16th and a no go on the 24th, and most likely the 30th, so next week is THE week to get in (unless you're following us to the other tournament).

Thanks to everyone who played, Tim, Christian, Kendall, and Traci. It was a blast as always.

Friday, March 2, 2007

Poker Tournament

So today I'm getting my haircut, and casual conversation turns into a poker tournament.

It turns out, the Mark Eriks Salon, on Reseda and Devonshire is hosting a poker tournament on Saturday, March 31st. I don't have many details just yet, but for anyone interested, save the date. We may fore-go the Friday night deal and simply roll it over to here on Saturday Night. Tentative information has the buy-in at only $25, and they're looking at 6 tables, which could mean up to 60 people, maybe more.

Anyway, I'll get out more when I know more as we get closer to the event. But for right now, save the date.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Lots of good Feedback thus far.

So far, everyone's as chipper about this as I am. I'd love to be able to improve it though. Any suggestions that you might have will definately be taken into consideration. I'd love to make this the centralized site for Poker in Granada Hills, neigh the Western Hemisphere. OK, if just the regulars come by from time to time I'll smile.

Seriously, let me know what you think, and I'll see what I can do to improve.

Also, we've only got 3 confirmed for this Friday, but a couple more probably's. See you guys on Friday at pablosplace.

Monday, February 26, 2007

This coming Friday

Things are a go for this Friday. We're meeting at 8:00 PM as always at my place.

$5 buy in for the first game. Let me know if you have any questions. Cheers - P

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 23rd

We had six players tonight for game one. Pot ended up being $25 and $5 for first and second.

In the first game, Christian took home the prize knocking out Tim when his 6 tripped on the turn.

In the second game, I took home the pot when I caught another 10 on the turn. Tough night for Tim who played great, and ended up with two second place finishes.

Poker looks good for next Friday.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Welcome to my poker blog.