Sunday, September 16, 2007

Desert Run

After last weeks cheesecake, it became apparent that we needed another desert (I smell a trend going forward with other pablosplace games). So, about 20 minutes into round one, we agreed that the first person to bust was making a desert run. The honor went to Tay, who humbly declined. The second person out was Tim, who responded with great enthusiasm. About 30 minutes later, we had the tub of strawberry vanilla ice cream. Good stuff. Not the promised ice cream sandwiches mind you, but more delicious.

After Tay and Tim, Traci was next to go, followed by Brian busting Andrew. That left me heads up with Brian, and a chip deficit of 5 to 1. I lost most of my chips on the third hand when my fives came up short against Brians two pair. Left with a short stack, I went all in with A-3, and Brian called with J's. I failed to improve, and round 1 went to Brian.

On the first hand of round two, I lost 40% of my chips on the first hand to Brian. Tay was again first to go, followed by a hand that got most of my chips. Whit a board of 7-7-J, and Tim all-in pre-flop, I bet out, and Brian called. The turn was a 4, and I bet out again, Brian raised all in, and I immediately called turning over 8-7 of hearts. Brians pair two pair didn't improve, and I more than doubled up, also eliminating Tim. Andrew went out next, followed by Brian, leaving Traci and I heads up. After 8 hands, I turned a full house, and called Traci's all in to take the pot and the round.

We went late in the night, and had a ton of fun and some really good laughs. Andrew was really on a roll. So far, we look good for this coming Friday. Gator, P

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