Friday, January 30, 2009

Gotta love the TPT

I've found that my weak consists of looking forward to two things, both of them poker. Friday nights is still my game. After all, it Team7Deuce at Pablosplace, the whole reason for the site to begin with. But Thursday nights has become something that I look forward to almost as much these days. I enjoy the Twitter Poker Tour probably a lot more than I expected I ever would. It's a great friendly game with a great group of players, and the play is something that poker is lacking

It's really what poker is supposed to be, a game. A strategy game at that. It's not about how much experience one guy has, or how much is in another player's bankroll, or about bracelets, or credibility. It's about people who just like poker, playing their game, and having some laughs. Considering the fact that I've never shaken hands with any of the players, I feel a kin-ship with the other Tweeters that I can't really explain. But it's a blast. I'd encourage everyone who reads regularly here at Pablosplace to check it out if you haven't already, and discover what the rest of us already has. Poker is a fun game. And it couldn't ring more true than at these events.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest, last nights TPT was another great tourney. 34 players in the tourney, and I feel like I held my own again. I started out stuck in reverse, and had my chip stack dwindling down to about 700 or so. But I was able to get back into things with a couple of decent hands and chip up to over 2500 for a while. I stuck there for quite some time until I got involved in a coin flip with about 15 players remaining. From middle position, I was dealt pocket Q's, and raise the Big Blind 3 times. Action folded to the small blind where Rich Tucker re-raised a 3 bet. The big blind folded back to me, and I re-raised enough to move Rich about all in. He shoved the remainder of his chips, and I called for the last 30 or so. Rich flipped AKos over, and the race was one. I won the first two rounds as all under cards hit on the Flop and Turn. But Rich won the war when the Ace of spades hit the river, and left me with about 1200 or so. I'd get it all in soon after from the small blind, calling a raise by the cutoff with Kc-10c. The big blind folded, and the CO called with Q's. I didn't catch up, and was eliminated in 13th.

I have to issue out congrats to the guys who ended up cashing, playing awesome poker till the end. In fifth was rhoegg, 4th Was @cprpoker, as Geoff made a really nice run. 3rd was MrCrakypants, who sat directly to my right for the majority of the tourney. Major kudos to him as early on, he took a pot calling my raise with 7-2os. He became my hero when my AK turned out no good as the pair of 2's turned out best. Awesome.

And a major congrats to runner up and winner. ill twill, who controlled most of the final table action, and took the large stack to heads up, but would be out played heads up by Steve Brogan, who would emerge victorious with a great showing.

Thanks again to the Twitter Poker Tour for putting on such a great event, and to all the participants who make it such a good time week after week. I'll be back next Thursday to hopefully make another deep run. Right now, I'm sitting in 3rd place on the Twitter Leader Board (, and I'm pretty proud of that. Hopefully, I can improve that on Thursday.

Friday, January 23, 2009

A good result from the Twitter Poker Tour

Last night’s Twitter Poker Tour had its best showing yet as 37 players saw action on Full Tilt Poker. It’s fun watching the number of participants grow week after week. During the session, one of the players commented that by summer, it’s probable that we’ll have 100 players in the field. I don’t think that goal is unreachable either.

On Tuesday, I uploaded the $50 minimum deposit onto Full Tilt, having never played in a cash game there before. When I first started playing online poker, I played with their “Play Money Chips” and I did a few of their play money tournaments, not really faring well in any of them. I didn’t much care for the set up of Tilt vs. Pokerstars, so I’ve really steered completely clear of the site until Tuesday. But, I felt that I really wanted to make an effort to compete on the Twitter Poker Tour leader board this season to really test myself as a poker player. I’ve always felt that I am a complete amateur. I’ve never read any poker books, or had any real training on poker. I’ve learned from watching the pro’s play on TV, hand out a little of free advice from their commentary, and then I played at the tables both on-line and on my Playstation (gotta give a plug for the World Series of Poker Video Game, where I’ve won the Main Event a couple of times – if only it were real). So I tried my hand on the TPT-Tilt Season 2 inaugural event, and it went much better than I could’ve expected.

I began the night watching the “Battle of the Sexists,” the pre-cursor to the nights TPT. The Limit Hold em’ Heads up match between Panndy and Grundy was a good poker match up, which featured momentum swinging back and forth throughout. Panndy controlled the larger stack for most of the beginning, than Grundy took control. But it would go back and forth several times until the TPT started. Shortly after the start of the TPT, Panndy was busted, but I missed the final hand. That meant that Panndy became the bounty for the evening, a status that she would keep until we were 6 handed.

My play was really strong in the beginning with a little help of a good run of cards. I picked up two large pots early with the second vaulting me into the chip lead. I just made a good/lucky read on a board of 10-7-4, I called an all in bet for less than $900 with Q-10. My opponent tabled pocket 8’s, and didn’t catch up. That brought me to about 4200 early in the tournament, and I really didn’t dip too low after that. I did lose some chip when I got one caller off of my pre-flop raise with pocket K’s, and the flop came out A-brick-brick. I led out and then called the shove to find myself painfully behind A-9, and wouldn’t catch up.

I eliminated @pipedream on a pretty cruel suck out shortly after that though. He’d just lost a hand calling a short stacked all-in bet of K-2, and he couldn’t pick up the win. The next hand he shoved with K’s pre-flop, and action folded back to me and I called with J’s. The flop didn’t improve either of us, nor did the turn. But a miracle J on the river sent @pipedream to the rail, and I chipped up in the right direction.

I got healthier being dealt pocket K’s again and catching a board of A-K-J. My opponent re-raised me all in and I called. He tabled A-Q, and no 10 hit the board which took me to over 6k.
Things were rolling for me and I got even healthier from the Big Blind, when I got a free ride to the flop with 10-7os, and we saw a flop of Q-9-8. With blinds at 100-200, the small blind was the only person caller and led post flop with 200, which I called. I hit my draw when the 6 fell on the turn, and laid my trap when the bet was checked to me as I checked in return. The K on the river turned out to be a good card for me, as my opponent led out with 600, and I raised to put him virtually all-in. He eventually pushed and I called his extra 15 with my made straight, and sent him to the rail with K-9.

Things were slow going for me from there out, but my stack was large enough that I simply avoided confrontations with other players, and picked up some blinds with relatively small raises on my premium hands. I played that way all the way to the final table. Eventually, as one player after another was eliminated, I found myself in the money, and with a relatively healthy chip stack. I played my way to into the top 3, and got the rest of my chips in calling an all-in bet by swfft from the Big Blind with A-Qos. Swfft tabled K-Jos, and the flop produced a K, and that would give me the axe in 3rd place. I was so giddy at actually making the money, I really didn’t care so much about how I went out. I was more disappointed that the tournament was over because I was just having so much fun playing cards.

In the end, Ungarop had a fairly sizeable chip advantage heads up having played masterfully at the final table. He’d collected the bounty eliminating Panndy in sixth, getting her to put all of her chips in pre-flop with J’s, and he made the easy call with Aces. From there, he controlled the big stack all the way to the win, getting the last of Swfft’s chips in with A-7, while he held A-8. The board played out Q-5-2 on the flop, and got interesting when Swfft hit a 7 on the turn. But an 8 on the river gave the hand and the tournament to Ungarop for his first TPT victory. Congrats to both Ungarop and Swfft, and congrats to @pokerplasm for this first cash and 4th place finish. And kudos for a great tournament by BigBlindsNick, who played his way into the money finishing in 5th.

It was an incredible tournament. I find myself looking forward to the TPT every week, and can’t wait to see if my play this week was more of a fluke (which I believe that it was) or if I can squeeze into the money once more. All in all, I now have a Tilt balance of $75.15 after the win (I played a little at the .05/.10 tables on to give me about a $1 more), and that should last me on the TPT for some time.
Thanks to everyone who made it to the tournament, and I can’t wait for next weeks TPT-Stars event.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Tonight's Twitter Poker Tour

Tonight's TPT offer a unique thing for me, and a unique thing for everyone. My uniqueness comes in the form of my first cash tournament on Full Tilt Poker, the every other week destination of the TPT. But I figure, if I'm going to have any chance on the TPT leader board, then I have to play on both sites.

The other unique feature is the selection of the individual representing the bounty, chosen by what has been deemed "The battle of the sexists." See below for details, and join us on Full Tilt Poker for tonight's TPT. I'm guessing that it will be the best turnout yet.

Panndy v Grundy Pre-TPT HU Match!

Tune in this Thursday January 22nd at 8:30 PM EST for a Heads Up match between @Panndyra and @Grundy. This “Battle of the Sexists“ will be played on Full Tilt Poker just prior to the TPT:Tilt Event #7.
For Background Info:
Grundy on Women (if you know what I mean)
mamalovespoker: Girls Rule
The loser of this event will be the bounty of the Twitter Poker Tour event #7

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another big turnout at Pablosplace

Last nights action saw 9 players to the table at pablosplace, with a few new comers, and a couple of long time-no see’ers. We started out with the possibility of having 12 players, but a couple of people fell out at the last minute.

We began with the poker timer in effect to help speed up the action. We had it going with 30 minute levels to keep the pace, but action moved along rather nicely. I played a little tighter than usual, and didn’t get many of my chips in until I had premium cards.

Two hand of not in early play were ones that Tay and I were involved in. From the big blind, I was dealt Kc-10c, and we saw a flop of 8c-9c-3c. I led out, and Tay came along. The turn bricked, and I raised a little more than the pot, putting Tay in the tank before she finally let it go. That was a good sized pot, and a very good lay down in the end as she said that she’d let go of the Qc. The second hand dealt me pocket Q’s, and I raised to 10. It was only Tay that made the call as we took a flop of Qh-3h-5h. I led out with 24, and Tay moved over the top all in. I made the call and tabled my set. Tay showed Ac-8h. The board didn’t end up helping Tay at all, and she made an early exit.

One of the big stories of the night was one of the most amazing run’s of cards we’ve ever seen here at pablosplace. Ken caught seven hands in a row, having his weakest hand be QJ, on a board that produced both a Q and a J. He began with K’s, then J’s, then Aces, then AK, then KJ (on a board of A-Q-10, and where Jordan had been dealt pocket Aces), 10’s, and then QJ. During that time frame, Ken managed to increase his stack over 600 chips during the run, and take a commanding chip lead as no one else had more than about 150 at the time. It was an impressive run.

We all took our turns in getting hot. Down to 4 people, it was Jack’s turn as he got hot and chipped up to around 450. He took most of his chips from Tim, who ended up short stacked for a short time. Then, Ken went card dead, and Tim was able to take advantage of it. But Tim took a giant pot in a hand where Jack, Tim, and I all came along after a big pre-flop raise by me of 10c-8c-3h. I led the betting from the button with another 60, which was about half the pot. Tim came over the top all in for another 110, and Jack made the call. I thought for a while and finally let go of my pocket 9’s, which turned out to be the best move that I made of the night, as Tim tabled K-10 for top pair, and Jack flipped over Ac-Qc for the nut flush draw. The board ran out without improving either hand, and Tim took a good sized chip advantage for the time being.

I took the next big pot from Ken though, as I made a pre-flop raise from the big blind with A-8. Ken was the only player to come along and we took a flop of 8-5-4. Ken checked, and I moved all in. Ken thought for a moment, before finally making the call for the last of his chips. He tabled J-10, and didn’t improve, and was eliminated in 4th place. He played amazing, and it was really surprising to see him fail to cash.

The next big hand came with a min raise by Tim to 40 on blinds of 10-20. Jack then re-raised the pot to 120. When action got to me, I looked at pocket K’s, and I moved all in. Tim thought for a while, and he decided that Jack was pot committed, and laid down Ah-Jh. Jack made the call and found out that he was way behind with KQos. The board would pair his Q, but that would be the only help he would get, and Jack exited in 3rd place.

Heads up with Tim lasted only two hands, and they were both big pots. The first, I was dealt AKos from the big blind. Tim called pre-flop and I went to 60, with Tim coming along. The board produced K-7-4, and I checked, as did Tim. The turn was another 7, and I led it out with another 60, and Tim made the call. The river was a brick, and I led out with 140, and Tim called it tabling K-J with a disgruntled look as he was just out kicked. That gave me a significant chip advantage as Tim was left with only about 160 chips to my 1000 plus.

The final hand came on the next one, where I was dealt 9c-7c. The board put two clubs on the flop, and Tim and I both checked. The turn was a brick, and another check by both. The river gave me a flush, and I led out for 60, and Tim moved over the top all in. I insta-called and it was over as Tim showed only Ace high.

It was a really great night for poker with some really outstanding play. I was surprised that one of the new comers didn’t finish in the money, though Ken did just miss it by one spot. We began at around 8:30, and didn’t rap the session until after 1:30 despite all the chips and the quick 4 handed play. But it was a really fun night.

Next week still looks good to go. Hopefully, we can continue this trend of filling up the tables here at pablosplace. It makes for good sized pots for sure, but really great poker playing and lots of fun to write about. Until next Friday, cheers, P.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Twitter Poker Tour:Stars Event #6

Thursday Nights TPT was yet another success, as this time 34 players saw their way into the hosted $5+.50 buy in weekly tourney. I am pleased to see the regular turnout for these events as they’ve become something to really look forward to throughout the course of the week. Now if only my work and personal schedule could conform so that I was available to play in every one of them, that’d be beautiful.

My play last night was average at best. I showed up a few hands tardy because it was my oldest daughters birthday (kudos to Kelli, and a happy 10th B-day). She’s the first of my brood to reach double digits, and the fun is just beginning.

I walked into a monster on my second hand being dealt a suited AK, and I raised the low blinds 3 times with two callers. A flop of K-9-3 looked comfortable to lay out a bet of another 150, and I got one caller. The turn produced another harmless card, and I led out again for about the size of the pot, and my opponent moved all in, having me covered. I thought about it for a little bit, but elected to let it go because I thought that he might have a set. After I folded, he said he did, though he didn’t show. I was left with around 500 or so chips, and never was really able to do much after that.

I did take two decent pots, both on rather unfair beats to StreetDipper. The first was a coin flip where my pre-flop raise with KJos produced a K on the flop, and Street’s pocket 9’s were no good. But the second hand, Street just got unlucky as I was ahead with K-9 on a board of K-5-4. I laid out a small bet of 30, and only Street came along. The turn produced another 5, and I laid out another 30. Street raised it to 60, and I called. The river was another K, and I let him know that it was a bad river card. He checked to me, and I checked in return as he showed 7-5 for the lower boat. He’d been pretty crippled by then, and would later exit shortly before the break.

I took my short stack to the break, and actually made some headway back to around 1200 without doubling. But I met my demise in 16th place calling my pre-flop re-raise with K-Qos. I ran into AK and didn’t catch up. So far, that moves me into 24th place on the TLB, which I guess is pretty OK considering that I’ve only played in 4 of the 11 TPT events.

All in all, it was a well played tournament by virtually everyone. The final table action was really quite good. Jim Sr. (Net-Bogey) came in as one of the three good sized stacks, and for the most part controlled the final table’s action until heads up, where he had about a 3 to 1 chip lead over Rich Tucker (nstig8). But the tide swung in favor of Rich as he made a top pair and Jim a middle pair, and that doubled Rich to the surprising chip lead. From there, hands were traded back and forth with 400-800 blinds, and both stacks in excess of 20k. Finally, Jim moved all in for his last 23k with A-9, and Rich insta-called with J’s. The board ran out pairing Jim’s 9’s, but they weren’t enough to catch up and it was over with Rich hauling in the grand prize.

Many congrats are in order to everyone who’s played a TPT event thus far. It wouldn’t be the same without the participants. A couple of kudos to Atte-D2 (attitude) for maintaining the number 1 spot in the TPT Tournament Leader Board, and to Pokerplasm, for vaulting to 2nd place with his final table appearance last night (by actually playing this time too). You can see the TPT TLB here:

And for this tournament, congrats are in order to the money winners CrestedMom, FlushSeeker, The420Gov (who also won the bounty by taking out @72suited), and Net-Bogey, who for the second week in a row, became a prior TPT winner to run end their night with a runner up finish. That still leaves us without a two time winner.

And a special congratulations are in order to Rich Tucker for taking down his 1st TPT tourney win in his second attempt. Great tournament folks.

I can’t wait for the TPT:Tilt event next Thursday. Until then, Cheers P

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What are you doing Thursday at 6PM PST?

Me? I'm playing in the Twitter Poker Tour. If you haven't figured out what the TPT is, you should. Check out the widget on the right hand side of the page, or follow any of the blog links to hear poker players from all over coming together to play in an awesome on-line home game of sorts. It's only a $5 buy in, and its with a great group of poker players.

Go. Play. Enjoy. Thank me later. for more details.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Another one for the Noobs

I’ve got two weeks to get in here. The first one is a short one.

Two weeks ago, Tim took down the pot. We were 5 handed, and eventually Tim was able to get Traci all in for the last of her chips. It was a relatively early night’s work.

This last Friday, was a great turnout, and a great game. We had nine players in all, including a newcomer Jessica, who would discover that “Re-buy’s are a good thing.” Action was fast most of the night. From the first hand, it was evident that people wanted to get their chips in the middle. Tim was down to about 30 after the first hand, as Traci’s AQ held up as she flopped a Q, and turned an Ace. Tim didn’t improve, and Traci increased her stack by a great deal.

My first hand of the night was a big one, being dealt Ad-Kd from middle position, I made it 8 to go, and saw two callers to the flop. On a board of A-K-10, I led out with 12. Becky folded, and Jessica came along. When the turn bricked, I raised Jessica all in for her last 50 or so, and she made the call with A-9. Drawing dead to the river, I increased my stack for the first time of the evening, and Jessica then re-bought some more chips that she’d work till heads up.

One at a time, players began to fall off. Amber, then Becky, then Jordan. Traci went card dead after amassing a good sized stack to start the night, but eventually would go out in 5th place. 4 handed, I dealt Chris his final blow when he called my all-in semi bluff with a straight draw. It didn’t hit, and my Ace high was enough to take the rest of his chips.

3 handed for quite some time, I controlled action and chipped up to around 700 with 1000 chips in play. Tim got the last of his 80 or so chips in the middle with pocket 10’s, and Jessica made the call with K-9. The flop produced a K, and Tim didn’t catch anything on the turn or river, and was eliminated in 3rd place.

Heads up with Jessica lasted quite some time, and I have to say that in the end I was outplayed, and out lucked. Twice, I had Jessica all-in and dominated, but she got what she needed to end up with winning hands. The first was an all in by me with pocket K’s on a board of J-J-10. Jessica made the call with A-10, and found herself way behind. After a brick on the turn, the river gave her new life with an Ace, and she doubled her stack. I was able to regain momentum, and again have a good sized chip advantage, when I was dealt A-A. The board looked good with a J being the high card on the flop, I moved all in, and Jessica called with A-K, drawing virtually dead, but not completely. And as fate would have it, the board ran out 10 on the turn, and a Q on the river for the made Broadway straight. That one hurt the most as it left me with a little under 200 chips.

The final hand of the night, I got it all in with a board of J-4-3 holding K-4os, and Jessica made the call, tabling (as fate would have it) pocket Aces. I missed on the turn and river, and Jessica kept the Newbie Curse alive by taking down the pot on her first visit.

This week still looks good to go. I’ll let you know if anything changes, but we should be rolling at the same time as usual next week. Cheers, P

Friday, January 2, 2009

Hangin with the Boyz on the TPT

Last night's TPT was not as large as previous Twitter Poker Tour events, as only 24 players made it to the table. But it was a nice tournament nonetheless. And it was especially nice for me as I saw my best result yet, and my most frustrating one at that.

I found myself as the bubble boy, busting in 4th place, and missing out on cashing for the first time as only 3 places were paid.

I played decent. Mostly just tight because I couldn't catch cards for the life of me. 3 notable hands for me were being dealt 7-5os from the big blind. With 15/30 blinds, I got one caller from the small blind, and the two of us took a flop of 7-6-5. I raised a small bet of 30 to 90, and the small blind called. The turn was an ideal card for me as it came out another 5, and it was checked to me. I returned the check. And the river was a 9, which gave my opponent a straight. He moved all in, and I made the call with my full house.

The second hand came at the misfortune of @BrooklynBeast, who made two pair on a board of 3-9-10-K. I led out post flop, and called the raise. On the turn, I check raised to 1000, and BrooklynBeast made the call. The river blanked, and BrooklynBeast called another 1000 on the river, and mucked the losing two pair as I showed Qh-Jh for the made straight. That one crippled him, and he'd go out a few hands later.

I sat as the chip leader for sometime after that, but I couldn't really catch a hand. I was successful in picking up a couple of blinds, but really not much else.

Finally, I was done in after two straight knockouts by @Valtool. From UTG, I pushed my remaining 1300 or so with QJ os with the blinds already at 200/400. Action folded to Valtool from the Big Blind, and he made the call for only 900 more with 7-5. A 7 hit the board on the river, and I was done in 4th.

Many congratulations to @Net-Bogey for taking down the win and the pot. It was a great tournament. For results and the leader board, you can check out the TPT @, or use the Widget on the right or my web links to the TPT. Right now, I sit in 27th place with 100.00 tournament points on the leader board, only having played in 3 of the 9 tournaments to date.

Next Thursday will be the TPT's weekly game, and I believe that it will be on Full Tilt this time. You can check back off of soon.

For the home game tonight, I think that we're good to go. I know that we have commitments from 4 players so far. Feel free to pass out the invites, and we'll see ya here. Cheers, P