Saturday, January 17, 2009

Another big turnout at Pablosplace

Last nights action saw 9 players to the table at pablosplace, with a few new comers, and a couple of long time-no see’ers. We started out with the possibility of having 12 players, but a couple of people fell out at the last minute.

We began with the poker timer in effect to help speed up the action. We had it going with 30 minute levels to keep the pace, but action moved along rather nicely. I played a little tighter than usual, and didn’t get many of my chips in until I had premium cards.

Two hand of not in early play were ones that Tay and I were involved in. From the big blind, I was dealt Kc-10c, and we saw a flop of 8c-9c-3c. I led out, and Tay came along. The turn bricked, and I raised a little more than the pot, putting Tay in the tank before she finally let it go. That was a good sized pot, and a very good lay down in the end as she said that she’d let go of the Qc. The second hand dealt me pocket Q’s, and I raised to 10. It was only Tay that made the call as we took a flop of Qh-3h-5h. I led out with 24, and Tay moved over the top all in. I made the call and tabled my set. Tay showed Ac-8h. The board didn’t end up helping Tay at all, and she made an early exit.

One of the big stories of the night was one of the most amazing run’s of cards we’ve ever seen here at pablosplace. Ken caught seven hands in a row, having his weakest hand be QJ, on a board that produced both a Q and a J. He began with K’s, then J’s, then Aces, then AK, then KJ (on a board of A-Q-10, and where Jordan had been dealt pocket Aces), 10’s, and then QJ. During that time frame, Ken managed to increase his stack over 600 chips during the run, and take a commanding chip lead as no one else had more than about 150 at the time. It was an impressive run.

We all took our turns in getting hot. Down to 4 people, it was Jack’s turn as he got hot and chipped up to around 450. He took most of his chips from Tim, who ended up short stacked for a short time. Then, Ken went card dead, and Tim was able to take advantage of it. But Tim took a giant pot in a hand where Jack, Tim, and I all came along after a big pre-flop raise by me of 10c-8c-3h. I led the betting from the button with another 60, which was about half the pot. Tim came over the top all in for another 110, and Jack made the call. I thought for a while and finally let go of my pocket 9’s, which turned out to be the best move that I made of the night, as Tim tabled K-10 for top pair, and Jack flipped over Ac-Qc for the nut flush draw. The board ran out without improving either hand, and Tim took a good sized chip advantage for the time being.

I took the next big pot from Ken though, as I made a pre-flop raise from the big blind with A-8. Ken was the only player to come along and we took a flop of 8-5-4. Ken checked, and I moved all in. Ken thought for a moment, before finally making the call for the last of his chips. He tabled J-10, and didn’t improve, and was eliminated in 4th place. He played amazing, and it was really surprising to see him fail to cash.

The next big hand came with a min raise by Tim to 40 on blinds of 10-20. Jack then re-raised the pot to 120. When action got to me, I looked at pocket K’s, and I moved all in. Tim thought for a while, and he decided that Jack was pot committed, and laid down Ah-Jh. Jack made the call and found out that he was way behind with KQos. The board would pair his Q, but that would be the only help he would get, and Jack exited in 3rd place.

Heads up with Tim lasted only two hands, and they were both big pots. The first, I was dealt AKos from the big blind. Tim called pre-flop and I went to 60, with Tim coming along. The board produced K-7-4, and I checked, as did Tim. The turn was another 7, and I led it out with another 60, and Tim made the call. The river was a brick, and I led out with 140, and Tim called it tabling K-J with a disgruntled look as he was just out kicked. That gave me a significant chip advantage as Tim was left with only about 160 chips to my 1000 plus.

The final hand came on the next one, where I was dealt 9c-7c. The board put two clubs on the flop, and Tim and I both checked. The turn was a brick, and another check by both. The river gave me a flush, and I led out for 60, and Tim moved over the top all in. I insta-called and it was over as Tim showed only Ace high.

It was a really great night for poker with some really outstanding play. I was surprised that one of the new comers didn’t finish in the money, though Ken did just miss it by one spot. We began at around 8:30, and didn’t rap the session until after 1:30 despite all the chips and the quick 4 handed play. But it was a really fun night.

Next week still looks good to go. Hopefully, we can continue this trend of filling up the tables here at pablosplace. It makes for good sized pots for sure, but really great poker playing and lots of fun to write about. Until next Friday, cheers, P.

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