Friday, January 2, 2009

Hangin with the Boyz on the TPT

Last night's TPT was not as large as previous Twitter Poker Tour events, as only 24 players made it to the table. But it was a nice tournament nonetheless. And it was especially nice for me as I saw my best result yet, and my most frustrating one at that.

I found myself as the bubble boy, busting in 4th place, and missing out on cashing for the first time as only 3 places were paid.

I played decent. Mostly just tight because I couldn't catch cards for the life of me. 3 notable hands for me were being dealt 7-5os from the big blind. With 15/30 blinds, I got one caller from the small blind, and the two of us took a flop of 7-6-5. I raised a small bet of 30 to 90, and the small blind called. The turn was an ideal card for me as it came out another 5, and it was checked to me. I returned the check. And the river was a 9, which gave my opponent a straight. He moved all in, and I made the call with my full house.

The second hand came at the misfortune of @BrooklynBeast, who made two pair on a board of 3-9-10-K. I led out post flop, and called the raise. On the turn, I check raised to 1000, and BrooklynBeast made the call. The river blanked, and BrooklynBeast called another 1000 on the river, and mucked the losing two pair as I showed Qh-Jh for the made straight. That one crippled him, and he'd go out a few hands later.

I sat as the chip leader for sometime after that, but I couldn't really catch a hand. I was successful in picking up a couple of blinds, but really not much else.

Finally, I was done in after two straight knockouts by @Valtool. From UTG, I pushed my remaining 1300 or so with QJ os with the blinds already at 200/400. Action folded to Valtool from the Big Blind, and he made the call for only 900 more with 7-5. A 7 hit the board on the river, and I was done in 4th.

Many congratulations to @Net-Bogey for taking down the win and the pot. It was a great tournament. For results and the leader board, you can check out the TPT @, or use the Widget on the right or my web links to the TPT. Right now, I sit in 27th place with 100.00 tournament points on the leader board, only having played in 3 of the 9 tournaments to date.

Next Thursday will be the TPT's weekly game, and I believe that it will be on Full Tilt this time. You can check back off of soon.

For the home game tonight, I think that we're good to go. I know that we have commitments from 4 players so far. Feel free to pass out the invites, and we'll see ya here. Cheers, P

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