Saturday, October 27, 2007

7 Players

We had one new addition, and one long time return. Two great big thanks to Josh, one for defending our country as an active member of the Marine Corps, and two for his first visit to pablosplace. And thanks to Dustin who we hadn't seen grace the game in far too long. Both players played very well tonight. And then thanks again to all the regulars who also made returns.

It was a while before the first elimination. Andrew nursed a short stack until about 10:30 when I caught him having pushed all in several times. He finally made a move with A-3 spades. I called his last 24 with K-Q of clubs. The board came Jc-10c-blank, giving me straight flush draws, straight draws, and flush draws, as well as the possibility to take it on any K or Q. The turn blanked as well, but the river was 9, and Andrew was the next to go when I made my straight.

Traci went out next when she moved all in pre-flop for her last 60 from the small blind. I had raised from 4 to 12, so it was a big raise. Action folded around to me, and after going into the tank for a couple of minutes, I called with A-Q. She turned over 7-2. The Q on the turn left her drawing dead to the river, and she was out in 6th.

Tim was third out, busted by Josh. He had some really tough beats tonight, having Aces cracked twice, and then doubling a few times on some really great flush draws. Finally, he moved all-in short stacked with A-7 hearts, to be called and taken down by Josh in 5th.

4 handed, I then was able to dwindle chips most of the way with my large stack. Dustin went out next trying to push me off a hand with J-5, but I made the call with J-10. He failed to improve and went out in 4th position.

Three handed, Josh was the next to go, as he moved all-in on a board of Q-7-8-3, but his pair was behind my Q, and he didn't improve on the river.

Heads up with Peter, I began with a 6 to 1 chip lead. We played about a dozen hands. Peter made his move three times, and the third, I caught him when I had pocket 10's He had an Ace, but failed to spike it on the board and I took down first place.

Next week looks fine for right now. Catch you then. Cheers, P

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Thank goodness for Re-Buys

5 players on Friday, and Jordan was catching cards in round 1 like you wouldn't believe.

I was actually the first to go out in round one. Holding pocket 9's, the flop came out Kd-9d-Jh. I raised, Jordan pushed all-in with a bigger stack, I called with trip 9's. Jordan fliped over pocket K's, and I was done. But a re-buy put me back in it. Tim was the next to go, and then he re-bought, and then went out again. Traci then went out, and then re-bought, and then went out again. Then Andrew, nursing the small stack for some time, made a couple of double ups, stole some really decent blinds, and finally busted. Heads up, Jordan had me at a 9 to 1 chip advantage. I made a small comeback getting back to a 2 to 1 at one point but Jordan took down three consecutive pots to win, finally busting me on an all-in pre-flop that I called with A-6 of clubs. He turned over pocket J's, and I never caught up.

In round two, I pretty much controlled the tempo from the get-go. Andrew eliminated Jordan first, and then Tim went out second. Andrew and I's heads-up match didn't last very long, as I caught a miracle card on the river to make a straight. Pot committed, Andrew called my all-in with top pair (leading the entire way and calling each of my bets to push him out). I felt dirty.

Next week looks ok again. See you then.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday Night Quads

Five players on Friday. And I have to say, I really do feel for Traci, who lost to quad 5's, not once but twice.

First time around, I was holding 6-5, when the flop came out 5-5-5. I checked the flop from UTG, Traci checked back. The turn came up with a Q, and I checked, and Traci led out with 8, and I called. The turn blanked, and I led out with 12, and it was called by Traci leaving her with about 30 or so chips. It was tough as she showed pocket J's, but the full house wasn't as good as the quad 5's.

The second big hand came and delivered the blow to both Traci and I. Sitting on pocket K's, and a board of J-10-5, Jordan moved all in, was called by Traci, and then by me. Traci turned over J-10 for two pair, I flipped my K's, and Jordan flipped over pocket 5's for the lead. Having us both covered, the river came up with the 4th 5, and both Traci and I were gone.

I went out first in round two, and Andrew and Tim played an hour long heads up before Tim came out on top.

All looks well for next week.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday....back to the regs

We had 5 players on Friday night. Regulars Tim, Jordan, Andrew, and Traci.

Short version, I took down round one, nursing a short stack until midway. Tim ended up taking the $5 second prize.

For round 2, Traci bounced me first. On a board of A-J-blank, Andrew led out large, and it was called by me and Traci. The board blanked again on the turn, and we all checked around. The final card helped no-one, and Andrew moved all-in. I called, Andrew having me covered, and then Traci called. I had A-K, Andrew pocket K's, but Traci took the pot with two pair A-J's. That stack carried her to the final two, where eventually Jordan took her heads up.

More fun this Friday, as I think that we should be a go. I'll let you know if anything changes. Cheers, P

Tuesday, October 2, 2007