Sunday, October 7, 2007

Friday....back to the regs

We had 5 players on Friday night. Regulars Tim, Jordan, Andrew, and Traci.

Short version, I took down round one, nursing a short stack until midway. Tim ended up taking the $5 second prize.

For round 2, Traci bounced me first. On a board of A-J-blank, Andrew led out large, and it was called by me and Traci. The board blanked again on the turn, and we all checked around. The final card helped no-one, and Andrew moved all-in. I called, Andrew having me covered, and then Traci called. I had A-K, Andrew pocket K's, but Traci took the pot with two pair A-J's. That stack carried her to the final two, where eventually Jordan took her heads up.

More fun this Friday, as I think that we should be a go. I'll let you know if anything changes. Cheers, P

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