Monday, October 15, 2007

Friday Night Quads

Five players on Friday. And I have to say, I really do feel for Traci, who lost to quad 5's, not once but twice.

First time around, I was holding 6-5, when the flop came out 5-5-5. I checked the flop from UTG, Traci checked back. The turn came up with a Q, and I checked, and Traci led out with 8, and I called. The turn blanked, and I led out with 12, and it was called by Traci leaving her with about 30 or so chips. It was tough as she showed pocket J's, but the full house wasn't as good as the quad 5's.

The second big hand came and delivered the blow to both Traci and I. Sitting on pocket K's, and a board of J-10-5, Jordan moved all in, was called by Traci, and then by me. Traci turned over J-10 for two pair, I flipped my K's, and Jordan flipped over pocket 5's for the lead. Having us both covered, the river came up with the 4th 5, and both Traci and I were gone.

I went out first in round two, and Andrew and Tim played an hour long heads up before Tim came out on top.

All looks well for next week.

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