Monday, January 12, 2009

Another one for the Noobs

I’ve got two weeks to get in here. The first one is a short one.

Two weeks ago, Tim took down the pot. We were 5 handed, and eventually Tim was able to get Traci all in for the last of her chips. It was a relatively early night’s work.

This last Friday, was a great turnout, and a great game. We had nine players in all, including a newcomer Jessica, who would discover that “Re-buy’s are a good thing.” Action was fast most of the night. From the first hand, it was evident that people wanted to get their chips in the middle. Tim was down to about 30 after the first hand, as Traci’s AQ held up as she flopped a Q, and turned an Ace. Tim didn’t improve, and Traci increased her stack by a great deal.

My first hand of the night was a big one, being dealt Ad-Kd from middle position, I made it 8 to go, and saw two callers to the flop. On a board of A-K-10, I led out with 12. Becky folded, and Jessica came along. When the turn bricked, I raised Jessica all in for her last 50 or so, and she made the call with A-9. Drawing dead to the river, I increased my stack for the first time of the evening, and Jessica then re-bought some more chips that she’d work till heads up.

One at a time, players began to fall off. Amber, then Becky, then Jordan. Traci went card dead after amassing a good sized stack to start the night, but eventually would go out in 5th place. 4 handed, I dealt Chris his final blow when he called my all-in semi bluff with a straight draw. It didn’t hit, and my Ace high was enough to take the rest of his chips.

3 handed for quite some time, I controlled action and chipped up to around 700 with 1000 chips in play. Tim got the last of his 80 or so chips in the middle with pocket 10’s, and Jessica made the call with K-9. The flop produced a K, and Tim didn’t catch anything on the turn or river, and was eliminated in 3rd place.

Heads up with Jessica lasted quite some time, and I have to say that in the end I was outplayed, and out lucked. Twice, I had Jessica all-in and dominated, but she got what she needed to end up with winning hands. The first was an all in by me with pocket K’s on a board of J-J-10. Jessica made the call with A-10, and found herself way behind. After a brick on the turn, the river gave her new life with an Ace, and she doubled her stack. I was able to regain momentum, and again have a good sized chip advantage, when I was dealt A-A. The board looked good with a J being the high card on the flop, I moved all in, and Jessica called with A-K, drawing virtually dead, but not completely. And as fate would have it, the board ran out 10 on the turn, and a Q on the river for the made Broadway straight. That one hurt the most as it left me with a little under 200 chips.

The final hand of the night, I got it all in with a board of J-4-3 holding K-4os, and Jessica made the call, tabling (as fate would have it) pocket Aces. I missed on the turn and river, and Jessica kept the Newbie Curse alive by taking down the pot on her first visit.

This week still looks good to go. I’ll let you know if anything changes, but we should be rolling at the same time as usual next week. Cheers, P

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