Saturday, September 22, 2007

Friday Night 9

9 Players tonight, and we played two rounds.

In round one, Tim was the first to go on hand number 3. His pair of aces got unlucky when Becky hit trip 6's on the river. But he helped Jen (who after about an hour or so, seemed much more interested in the rain, spiders, and polar bowling than playing with the massive chip stack she'd collected. Andrew and Jen slowly eliminated everyone until they ended up heads up, with Jen having a large chip stack. Andrew doubled up after about 7 hands, and after taking the chip lead, he was able to finish the deal.

Becky and Jen couldn't join us for round 2, so we played 7 handed. Tim exited first again, and we played 6 handed for quite sometime. Mike was down to 3 chips at one point, and was able to rebound to around 40 or so. I had my best hand with a little luck. Jordan raised pre-flop and I called with A-10 of diamonds. On of flop that gave two diamonds, Jordan bet out a small amount, and I made the call. When the turn gave me the nut flush, Jordan bet all-in, and I easily called. He turned over pocket A's, and I had him drawing dead. That took me to around 1/3 of the chips in play. From there, I was able to control the table and eventually took Jordan out heads up (after doubling him once) with pocket 6's.

Next week is a maybe. With Brett in town, I may be out and about. I'll send another post out later when I know for sure. Cheers, P


Jen said...

It's not my fault I was distracted. That was a really big spider!! And who doesn't love polar bowling?

fleapid said...

It was a big spider, and everyone loves polar bowling. It wasn't a bad thing, just an observation.