Monday, July 9, 2007

Outdoor Poker....

with Tiki Torches we found equals two things, temparture down, bugs up.

After a week that sweltered with a mild day on Thrusday of about 102, and no real AC in my place, Pablosplace truned to the good ole' outdoors (AKA, my backyard) on Friday night to play some no limit hold em'. As the WSOP main event saw its kick off, we had 7 players in all. In my opinion, the play rivaled what was taking place (and is now currently taking place) at the Rio.

The first to get bounced was Andrew. He just caught a rotten run of cards. Second was myself. I was dealt my first "Big" hand (J-10 offsuit) and the flop came up A-J-7. Short stacked, and needing desperately to get more chips, I pushed all in and got a call from Steve. His ace had me beat and I didn't improve.

Shortly after I left, the game was moved back inside as the bugs began to take over. Traci went next, followed by Dylan, then Jordan, which left Tim heads up with Steve. Tim had a dominating chip stack and won quickly.

For round two, we began just after 11 PM. We went 5 handed as Traci and Jordan left. Dylan was the first to go, and then 4 handed lasted nearly and hour an a half, with Tim nursing the shortest of short stacks for virtually 40 minutes. Finally, he was bounced out. Three handed lasted nearly an hour longer. And at sometime near 2:20, Andrew finally lost his remaining chips to me. That left me heads up with Steve, and I think we saw three hands before he took down the big one.

Next week, I'm planning on having Friday night at Traci's who has central AC. Give me a holler if you don't know where it's at. See you next week. P

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