Saturday, July 14, 2007

Final Table

9 Players tonight, and boy was I catching cards.

After recieving a pummeling at Robert and Tay's the night before (three re-buys, and nothing to show), I really dominated tonight. I knew that things were going well when my Q-J of spades flopped Ks-10s-Blank. A bet by Yesenia of 8 was called. The turn of 9s was the best possible card that could have been given me. Yesenia bet out 4, I called. The turn was the 8s, and Yesenia checked. I bet out 8 more, and Yesenia only called with the As. The second striaght flush for me in as many weeks. A little later, I took out Tim, who then re-bought. I took down Yesenia next.

A little while later, Tay busted out to me. Then Traci lost to me. Steve then lost to Andrew. Robert was busted by me, and I then busted Jordan, Andrew, and finally Tim. In the end, I had a massive chip stack of close to 8 or 9 hundred chips of the 1100 in play (after the re-buys). When I took down Jordan, Andrew was left with about 50, and Tim had just under 100. Two hands was all that I needed to bust Tim heads up.

Round two saw Tim get busted first, and I went out second loosing 4 consecutive pots to bust out. Jordan busted next, leaving Traci and Steve heads-up. On a board of 4-3-2 rainbow, Traci raised 8 to take down a decent pot, leaving Steve with about 60 chips. Steve chipped away taking a few smaller pots, and then the traded pots for a little while. Then for about fifteen minutes, Steve folded nearly every hand, dwindling to almost 50 chips. Steve moved all in for his final 35, and Traci called. Steve held pocket 6's to Traci A-9. The board didn't help Traci, and Steve doubled his chip stack.

Later, Traci caught two pair (J's and 8's) to bring Steve down to about 20 or so chips. Steve goes all-in and doubles up when his J-10 hit a J on the flop, and Traci failed to improve on her Q-9. But it was over shortly after when Traci made a straight with A-3 to Steve's two pair.

Next week looks good again and we'll probably go at Traci's place at 8. Until next week, cheers, P.

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