Friday, March 9, 2007

Friday Results

Tim goes from a no-go, to a "I'll be there late," to a winner of 2 out of 3 games. We were 5 handed to start tonight. Jordan was first to bounce, as Tim caught a lucky ten on the river to get trips after Jordan had pushed all in with queens. The extra chips made him the favorite. Traci knocked me out, and then Andrew lasted for some time after that.

In game two, Tim dominated again and took home another $15 pot.

In the third game, Andrew finally caught cards and took home enough to break even for the night.

Also, for those that missed tonight, you missed a Girl Scout Cookie opporunity.

Remember, next week is off as I'll be headed up to San Francisco, but if you're interested Tim's got a game going on Friday's at the Bicycle Casino (I think that it's in Commerce) at noon. Something like a $40 buy in. I don't know much else, but it's an option to Friday Night.

On the 23rd, we're also not playing because of Tim's Weekend Extravaganza. He doesn't know all the details yet, so we'll continue to keep him in the dark a little. (THE ZOO BABY!!!!!!!)

And finally, the 30th is looking like the $25 tournament at the Mark Erick Salon in Northridge. More details to follow as I get them (Come on Shannon - give a guy a heads up). That's it for this week.


Andrew Seely said...

i left my cookies there

"i want a cookie..."

fleapid said...

Thou who doth leave-eth the cookies, dost risk thy peril of loosing thy cookies to consumption.

But fortunately, I have all my cookies too......