Sunday, June 17, 2007

Don't Call it a Comeback.....

I've been blogging for years???? Well not exactly.

After much anticipated fanfare, the blog for Pablo's Place has returned. (Yeah! Much Fanfare - Sirens and Horns, and large drums - hooting and hollering: OK, done now).

I've been marred in a plethora of homework and professional work, as well as maintaining sanity while being a parent, and a life as a boyfriend, and this was the item that was whacked like Phil Leotardo on the final episode of the Sopranos (SUV running over its head and all). But thank goodness for TV - the ability to resurrect is upon us, no more excuses. Just poker updates as to what's going on in my poker universe.

Friday wasn't the first game at my place since wedding poker. It was however, one of my forgettable ones. After a few weeks in a row of winning, we had six players, of which I was destined to finish 6th. After all was said and done, it was a 5th place finish for me. I went from the chip lead, to doubling up Traci (thrice) and to short stack in a matter of 6 hands. U-G-L-Y it ain't got not alibi, its ugly. That's right ugly. Traci was short stacked and catching miserable cards until she figured out, "hey I could just play cards with Paul and I'd take all of his chips, even if I start out with the worst hand." Ah, poker. That's why we all love her. It was that kind of night for me. In the end, I was done in with A-7, an All-In was called by Traci who had 10-9 of clubs. Pre-flop, I said that I was toast. Flop was A-10-4. I was in serious trouble. The turn was another 10. I was done unless there was another Ace for me, and alas, there was not.

Tim was next to go, he too was chip leader for a long time until Andrew took a large pot from him. Andrew went next however, and left Traci and Jordan heads up. With the chip stacks being almost identical, Traci moves all in with K-J suited, and gets called by Jordan who had slightly more chips and a vastly inferior hand (I don't even remember what it was to be honest it was so poor). But heads up, any two cards are good, and turns out, his was. Jordan took home the $25 pot, with Traci getting her money back. And the curtain fell shortly after 11PM.

Next week we look good for my place at 8. Tim's getting back from the LOVE BOAT in plenty of time. I expect a large sunburn when he gets here. Andrew should be in as well. I know that Traci is a no-go as she's getting some help from Rhonda (or the other way around?). I don't know about Jordan. So we have at least 3, and would love to add some more. Until next week. But before we go, here's my tribute to the Soprano's finale.

I've found the secret to winning poker by playing the PS2 version of WSOP. It's really pretty simple actually. All you have to do is.......

-Screen Fades to Black -

Decide for yourself.

Cheers, P


Traci said...

Well it was only the right thing to do (take your chips that is)because you had dominated the two weeks prior. Sorry Charlie! The blog was nicely done. Glad you are back bloggin'.

Andrew Seely said...

the lady IS coming, and i'm trying to round up a few more