Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Wedding Poker

Many Kudos to Tim and Kendall on their new marriage. It was a fantastic ceremony on the beach in beautiful Rosarito, Mexico. It was amazing, in every sense, and I feel truly blessed to have been a part of it.....Thanks for the opportunity, and again, I wish you many continued years of happiness.

Friday night, after the rehearsal dinner, poker was on in my room. We had 6 players (Traci, Brian, Tay, Tim, Trevor, and I). We only played one round and it was a long one. Tay was the first to go. She lost a large portion of her chip stack my direction when I turned trip-Jacks. Her two pair didn't stand, and she lost a lot of trips on the river.

Traci was the next to go, followed by Tim, both of which were knocked out by Trevor, who caught lousy cards in the beginning, and amazing cards toward the end. He punished me with pocket Kings, and bounced me when I had absolutely squat.

Heads up between Brian and Trevor was a pretty good one. At one point, Brian had almost got to an even chip stack, but it was for naught. Trevor came out on top and won the $20 pot, $10 to Brian.

Friday night is a go at my place as usual. I'll see everyone here at 8. Cheers - P


Andrew Seely said...

i'll be there...for you...or poker...whatever...

Andrew Seely said...

you are such a hobo-blogger!!!
and no, that's not a good thing!!!!