Monday, April 2, 2007

Saturday Night Tournment Results

We brought 4 players to the tournament at the Mark Erik's Salon in Northridge, and had very good results. The game was for charity, and the setup was different than any of us had played in, but was a ton of fun. Jordan, Christian, Andrew and I, all competed for prizes that we had no idea what they'd be. In fact, they didn't really announce the prizes until near the end of the tournament.

In all, I would guess that we had about 50 players. Jordan, Andrew, and I began the night at the same table. Jordan started with 30 chips and amassed a large chip stack of around 180 or so. Andrew was the first to exit. Jordan than had to go, and he passed his chip stack my way. He had work the next morning and just couldn't stay until the end. Christian did quite well for himself at the other table. He joined ours after about an hour and a half with 3 times as many chips as he began with. I was about double what I started with when Jordan hooked me up.

At a little after 9 PM, we were down to two tables with just me an Christian remaining from our group. In my second hand, I dealt pocket Kings in the small blind. Everyone called around, so when my turn came I raised the big blind four times, and everyone called (very loose table). The Flop came out 5-K-4, and I raised the pot. After two folds, one player moved all in. Two more folds to me, and I called. She turned over 5-4 for her two pair but was too far behind. The river gave a case 4 giving her a full house, but my Kings over 4's was better. That doubled my stack to over 400 instantly, and I was a commanding chip leader.

I lost a lot of chips when I raised and someone pushed all in on a board of 6-10-4. I held 10-9 and as loose as he was playing, called the all-in, he turned over pocket 6's and doubled up off of me making him the chip lead.

The final table came at about 10:20. The game was supposed to last until 10:30 when they were going to close down. With Christian was bounced in 6th place. With 4 remaining, the person to my left and short stacked moved all in, was called, and I moved all in as well with pocket 8's. They held and it eliminated 2 players at once to place me heads up. It was now 10:45, and we both agreed to one final hand to determine the winner (first and second prize were the same). He was dealt face up A-7, and I had Q-4. The flop came up with a 7, and the turn had a 4, but the river was blank for us both. And it was over.

Thanks for everyone that did come by, and thanks to the staff at Mark Erik's Salon. It was an awesome time.

For this Friday, there will be no poker at my place as I'll be at a birthday party on Friday. Tim had made mention about the possibility to do something at his place, and I'll keep you posted if he does. Next week, we're off as well as we'll be at Tim's wedding in Mexico.

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