Sunday, December 21, 2008

The White Elephant Game

The second edition of the Pablosplace White Elephant Game was a ton of fun. And while Andrew finished the game with all of the chips, and Chris played himself into a runner up finish, that story, and all the poker stories really paled in comparison to the gifts that were exchanged.

In winning, Andrew ended up stealing from me (a present that I had stolen from Jordan) a deck of Star Wars playing cards.

In second, Chris ended up with a glass cup that lights up on the bottom. Perfect for drinking beer, and signaling planes on dark, cloudy nights.

In third, Tim ended up with a DVD, though I don’t remember what movie it was. I ended up with Top Ramen, Robert ended up with a hodge-podge of items from different venues that Andrew has been at in his various exploits with work. The crew has been to some really cool places, but I think that the best value was the mini Vodka bottles inside.

Jordan ended up with a miniature wagon, perfect for placing dolls in (as my kids would discover the day after). Amber ended up with a toy gun that shoots foam darts. And Jay ended up with my second favorite gift, a plastic Viking hat with horns coming out of either side. Tre Chic!

But the best gift of the night really came on the first bust out. First timer Amy came to play and learned for the most part on the fly, and ended up unwrapping a larger gift. It was almost immediately recognized by Robert, and then Jordan, Andrew and I caught on from last year. Fighting through our tears of laughter for about 15 minutes (probably not an exaggeration) we watch Amy unwrap the White Fur Coat that Tim had won at last years White Elephant game. If you’d have been here, you too would be in stitches.

Thanks to everyone who came and played. I’m happy to report that we now have our first Team7Deuce pictures taken with us as a group and with our shirts. I’ll see about how I can get them onto the site. Many thanks to Jay for bringing his camera and shooting so many great pictures.

For next week, we talked about playing at a Casino on the day after Christmas. The $40 nooner at the Bike is always a great tourney. We’ll make a decision on that one a little later in the week though.

Until next time, cheers, P

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