Thursday, December 4, 2008

Twitter Poker Tour - Tourney #3

A special thanks to all the guys from the Twitter Poker Tour. It's fun watching something grow.

I played in the third edition of the TPT tonight, and busted just moments ago. 24 players entered the No Limit Hold Em' tournament hosted on, with a $5.00+.50 buy in.

It was a rough start for me with my first decent hand being dealt pocket K's, and making a pre-flop raise. I got one caller and took a flop of A-brick-brick. Action was checked to me, and I bet about 60% of the pot, and got a call. The turn and river both bricked, and we both checked it down, my opponent with A-Q (a hand that I would later hate more).

I was able to take down a few more small pots and work my way from about $600 chips to slightly over $1000, but it all came undone to A-Qos again. The money went all in pre-flop, and I held pocket 5's. But, the flop produced a Q, and I couldn't catch up, busted in 16th out of 24 players.

For a full recap, and to find the winner of the tournament, you can go to, or you can click on the gadget on the right under my twitter column. I'm looking forward to TPT4, and donating another $5 to the pot.

Cheers, P

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Bad Beat Clothing said...

great playing with you last night. looking forward to the next one.