Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Annual Pablosplace White Elephant Game

So clear your calendar for Friday night, December 19th, when we'll convene for the annual gift exchange - poker style.

Last years was a tremendous success with about a dozen players bringing gifts. The idea is, you bring a wrapped present with a maximum of a $5 value on the present. The present represents your buy-in to the home game. The first player who busts, opens one of the wrapped presents. Once a present has been opened, play continues. The second player to bust has the option of either 1) Stealing a previously opened present, or 2) opening a new unwrapped present. And so play goes forward until all the presents have been opened.

A few rules;

1: No direct steal back. (ex. busted player 2 steals busted player 1's present. Player 1 cannot immediately take back the present.)
2: An item may not be stolen more than 3 times in an evening (with one exception - see rule 3)
3: The winner of the night (the last player remaining) has the option of opening a present, and then stealing any present that they wish, regardless of the number of prior steals of that present.

Again, the fun commences at Pablosplace on Friday Night, December 19th at 8:00 PM. I hope to see you all here. Cheers, P


PokerPlasm said...

I must say, this is the most creative poker game I have heard of in some time. I love the rules and the whole idea!

I remember wrapping up a box of doorknobs as a white elephant gift one year, boy, the recipient was pissed.

Paul Ellis said...

Thanks! We had some great ones last year. A singing Barney doll that sang to 50 cent, a trift store white fur coat (opened by Tim which made it even better). And I ended up with a DVD "AP Sports Football" featuring Reggie White, the Minister of Defense, and hosted by Don Shula.

It's a blast and highly reccomended with the home buddies.