Sunday, December 14, 2008

Just another Friday Night

Friday night at pablosplace saw 5 regulars to the felt, and action was jovial as always at the home game. Andrew, Tim, Amber, Chris and I all enjoyed a festive game, which started a little later than usual as I had a work function to attend, and couldn’t make it home till 9.

Play started out pretty good for me as I took a few decent pots, and chipped up to about 180. And then, I just went card dead for about 2 hours. It was sick how bad my cards were. But not as bad as the unfortunate cards for Andrew, who was the first bust of the night. But a quick re-buy, and he was back in business.

Amber would be the next exit, followed by Chris, and we went three handed with me being the shortest stack. Things kind of turned the corner a little bit as I got an extremely lucky suck out against Tim.

We took a flop of Ah-Kh-6s, and I got it all in after Tim made an initial bet. He thought about it a while and made the call with As-7h. I tabled K-Q with no flush draw at all. A 9h fell on the turn leaving me with even fewer outs, but I got lucky with the Qc on the river to bail me out, and double me to about 160 again.

Tim and I again went at it heads up, but this time, I had the chip advantage, which proved to be bad for Tim. He moved with K-10 when a K hit the flop, but I had him when I called with K-Q. The turn and river were no help, and Tim was eliminated in 3rd.

Andrew and I went heads up for about 20 hands before the swing hand took place. After I made a pre-flop raise, Andrew got it all in, and I made the call. Andrew tabled pocket 6’s, and I tabled a better pair with pocket 9’s. The nine’s held and I crippled Andrew down to only 40. The very next hand, he moved it all in with pocket 2’s, and I made the call with A-Q. When the Q hit the flop, that pretty much sealed the deal. And Ace fell on the turn giving me two pair, and the river was irrelevant.

It was some really good action and some really friendly banter. I can’t wait till next Friday for the annual Pablosplace White Elephant game. Make sure that you’re here. You don’t want to miss it.

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