Sunday, December 14, 2008

We stink up the joint

Because Tim had the day off, we decided to hit the nooner down at the Bicycle casino in Bell Gardens. The Bike is the unofficial/likely destination of Seven Deuce Day, and their nooner is a favorite of all of us. It sports a $40 buy in, with no add-ons and no re-buys. Classic, sit down and play poker with $2000 starting tournament chips, and 20 minute levels. Blinds start at 25/25, and then work their way up from there.

On the way in, it was Tim, Jordan, and I from Team7Deuce, and Phat joined in the fun as well meeting us there. Our standard $5 last longer bet went into play for the three of us, and we all sat at different tables. In the end, there were 156 entries into the tournament.

There were 4 hands worth talking about for me. The first one that I was involved in was just a good laydown. From 2nd position, a player makes a raise to 175 with blinds still at 25/25. Sitting directly to the players left, I look down at pocket J’s, and make a call. That call was also made by both the small and big blinds. The four of us took a flop of 6-6-7, and action checked back to me. I made it 300, and got a quick thought, and then a check raise from the small blind to 900. The big blind called, and the guy to my right went into the tank before letting go of what he said later was Aces. I thought for a little bit but decided that I was too far behind someone, and also let it go. Little did I know that I actually had the worst hand of the four. The Aces had me, and an all-in and call on the turn card of 3, showed the small blind with pocket Q’s, and the big blind tabled pocket 7’s for the made full house. I felt fortunate that this hand only cost me 25% of my stack. It could’ve been much worse.

I then had to make another lay down at 50/100 action, as three players (including me) took a flop after a pre-flop raise (again from the player to my immediate right) to 300. The board came out 10-J-Q, and the pre-flop raiser made it another 900 to go. I laid down pocket 9’s wisely, as the other player committed his last 400 chips, only to see that his pair of J’s was way behind pocket K’s. Another good get away.

I was definitely short stacked as action went to 75/150, and made a 400 bet into the pot, and got two callers. I got it all in on a board of Ac-10h-8h holding Kh-Jh. I got one caller who tabled A-Jos, and no hearts, so my flush draw gave me life. The turn of 9h gave me the made flush, and I nearly tippled up to almost 4k. But it would only last another 2 hands.

From under the gun, I looked down at A-Kos, and made it 400 to go. I got a re-raise to 900 from three seats over, and action folded back to me. We saw a flop of K-4-4. Out of position, I checked to see if he’d bet it, but he checked as well. A harmless 7 fell on the turn, and I led out with 1200. The guy thought a bit (an Oscar nominated performance) and then raise all-in. I made the call and showed how far behind I was when the other guy table pocket K’s, and had me drawing dead. I exited in about 110th place, a very crumby performance.

But the news wasn’t all bleak for me, as both Jordan and Tim had gotten it all in prior to my exit with unsuccessful results as well, so I ended up winning the last longer bet, and pablosplace poker action for Friday night for free.

Can’t wait for the next Team7Deuce event.

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