Friday, April 24, 2009

Twitter Poker Mania!!!

So yesterday, I was in the office in Santa Monica. This is rare for me, as I’m generally in the field, but my boss has commissioned me with the task of restructuring the collections department in an effort to improve our receivables. So I spent the first half of the day “observing” our collections officer and determining “best practices” and what-not.

While doing so, I had the Tweetdeck opened and figured, why not register for the European Twitter Poker Tour, and put some more cash in the prize pool. I didn’t think that I’d be able to play the full event, because once my boss returned, I’d have to….ummm…focus on work (or at least make it look that way). So I minimized my screen and began to work on a project, and whenever my screen popped up to play, I played. Then, my boss came in and I made the decision to give my chips away. Trouble was, I was winning. I had one hand that I even said “here’s a gift” and moved in post flop with 8-4os, and no pair or draw on the board. The trouble is, I was called by two over cards that also didn’t pair, and the board turned an 8, and rivered a 4. I then bounced another player going all in with AJ vs. AT, and all of the sudden, I was the chip leader.

When my boss actually did enter, I closed Full Tilt down for a few minutes while we met, and then he left for lunch. So I fired it back up again and actually played poker. At this point, I was in pretty good shape. I made one more interesting gamble calling an All in that identified as a steal. I called with 9h-7h. I figured that it wasn’t too expensive and that my two cards were probably live. I was right as the button turned over A-2os, and I got lucky on the flop when a 7 hit, and luckier still when the turn produced another 7 locking that one up.

Heads up, I went against @SteveBrogan, and it only lasted a few hands. We were all in, on all of them I think, and I won 2 out of 3 to take down the first place prize. The final hand, both of us paired out 6 on the flop. @SteveBrogan moved and I called. He tossed over K-6, and I held A-6. So my kicker played and I won. My first TPT win! Pretty lucky, and awesome in the same breath.

When I wrapped up in the office, I hustled home for the US TPT and played very well early. I had Aces 3 times before the first break, and used them to chip up to the top 3 spots. From there, I pretty much cruised to the final table, taking a few pots here and there. I would eventually get bounced on a really dumb play, as I moved all in on a board of Ad-Jd-10c. I didn’t put my opponent on either an Ace or a J, and I was right about that. I had Jc-2c, and thought it was good. I was VERY wrong about that as he made the call, and showed K-Qos. I was drawing almost dead to the broadway straight, and said farewell in 7th place. But I was happy with my play throughout. Congrats are definitely in order to @Rhoegg, who was short stacked when I busted, but decided to turn it on, and took the event down to win a TPT T-shirt and a 1 month subscription to the DeucesCracked poker school. Pretty awesome!

So, two final table appearances in one day, and a win to boot. I was very happy with my play yesterday, and I hope that it carries over to the next few days of poker playing. The home game is a go for tonight. I’ll see you all here. Cheers, P

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Stevie Treys said...

Paul, you played a good game on the TPTE yesterday afternoon. I could not really put you on a hand and heads up any King is good. Of course your Ace was better. Good luck at future events. You won the bounty I believe as well.