Friday, April 17, 2009

I got crushed by Andy Bloch

On Wednesday, a group of us from Team7Deuce decided to make a run at the Noon’er at the Bike. Jordan, Tim, and I all made the trek, and Traci was feeling well enough to give it a go as well. It was awesome.

I busted first of our group, running into trouble early by getting beat by a full house. But I busted getting my chips in good. A guy 4 bet pre-flop, and I called it from the button with Ah-Th. The flop came out Qh-9h-3h. Action checked back to the guy who opened with the 4-bet, and he moved all in. I made the call, and everyone folded. He tabled Qs-9s. The turn bricked, and the river fell the 9d and I was done before level 2 had completed.

It was very easy to rail on the rest of our group though as Traci, Tim, and Jordon all sat at the same table. Jordan would be the next to go on the last hand before the first break. He re-raised the guy to his right, and when action folded back to him the guy re-raised again enough to put Jordan all in. Jordan tilted a little and made the call with 9-9 only to run into K-K, and his day was done. Shortly after the break, Tim’s day was done. I missed the hand going to get food, but by the time that I came back, he was railing on Traci.

Traci made a great deep run out of it too. She totally outplayed a guy by check raising a flopped set of 3’s on a board of 9-6-3, she checked from the SB, and the UTG player opened. Action folded to Traci who raised enough to put him all in, and he called off all his chips with J-9. She then took a great pot with AK shortly after the 2nd break, and rode those chips all the way to a 26th place finish. A very respectable finish despite the fact that it was short of the money. She outlasted all of us, and most of the 168 player field.

Last night’s TPT was a very short one for me. On my 3rd hand, I woke up in middle position with QQ. I 3-bet it, and got re-raise by none other than Andy Bloch (in case you’re wondering who Andy is check here I should have known better than to try and play my worst hand, but I haven’t learned yet I guess. Anyway, the SB came along for the ride, and I decided to re-raise about half my stack. Andy re-raised again, and the SB called. I moved the last few of my chips, Andy and the SB called. The flop came out 7h-Ad-10h, and I knew that I was toast. Andy moved all in for his last 180 and the SB obviously made the call. But I was down to 2 outs when Andy tabled KK. And given the fact that neither of the other Q’s showed up on the turn or river, I was out in 41st place (of 41 runners). Andy would Twitpic the hand from his flight back to Las Vegas from JFK (

That’s about it for the last couple of days. We look good to go for the home game tonight. Oh, and a big announcement is coming on Pablosplace on Wednesday. I’m very hush-hush about it now, but if you e-mail me, I’ll send you all the details. (I’m such a tease, I know).

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