Saturday, April 25, 2009


They say that the sign of a great teacher is when you can teach someone to be better than you. While I’m reluctant to say that Traci is a better player than I am, the last few times we’ve had two hole cards, she’s lasted longer and been altogether dominant.

Last night I got an e-mail from Traci that said:

“I love you so much, oh yeah, I am so going to kick your butt in poker tonight! Xoxoxoxox”

Well, she did more than just talk the talk. I would say that she walked the walk, but she’s in a wheelchair, so maybe she rolled the roll??? (This is terrible, I know)

Traci dominated play at the table last night as we were 8 handed. After a couple of re-buys from Chris and from Andrew, Amber was the first to exit the table, followed by Chris, and then by me. I had played brilliantly up to that point and got a huge chip stack (about 1/3 of the chips in play), and Traci struck. I 4-bet from the button with AQ, and 4 players took a flop of Ah-8h-6h. The BB checked, and Traci bet out ¼ the pot. The late position caller folded, and I raised all in. BB folded, and Traci tanked before making the call with pocket 8’s. Her set ended up holding up, and that one still left me with about 50 or so chips. But then I doubled Jay (again with AQ, as his QJ proved much better when not one, but two J’s hit the board.

Traci would then double through Jay turning a flush, and getting Jay to call her all in with top two pair, and she then controlled about 60% of the chips in play with 5 players left. I would make my final stand (again with AQ) and was called by Jay who tabled pocket 8’s (again). An 8 hit the flop in addition to a K, a T on the turn gave me some outs. But the river was a brick and I was out in 6th.

Jordan would leave short stacked in 5th. Tim in 4th. Andrew was busted by Traci in one of the sickest hands I’ve seen here at Pablosplace. With blinds at 5-10, Andrew checked his option form the BB. The flop came A-3-5, and Traci bet 20. Andrew called. The turn was another 5, and Traci bet another 20. Andrew raised, and Traci moved all in. Andrew insta-called and tabled the flopped straight with 2-4. Traci tossed over K-5 for the set, and was way behind. But lady luck loved her on this hand as an A hit the board to pair it, and gave Traci’s boat the winning hand. Andrew was covered by Traci by a mere 2 chips (403 to 401), and Traci got a commanding heads up lead vs. Jay.

But that didn’t deter Jay as he attacked from the get go, winning several hands and doubling twice to take a serious chip advantage. But the lead would pass back and forth a total of 5 times over more than 150. Finally, with blinds at 20-40, the final hand was played. An All in by Traci, and a call by Jay produced Traci’s Kh-Js vs. Jay’s Qh-4h. The board ran out 3h-Ah-7s-8d-3s to give Traci’s K the best hand and the win. She definitely backed up her claim last night and played an altogether brilliant game.

Later today, I’ll have a big announcement up on Pablosplace, but now, I have to run to coach Kelli’s softball team. Later - P

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