Saturday, April 11, 2009

A couple good nights

So, I finished the TPT event on Thursday in 6th place, bubbling out in a bad way. I played pretty tight throughout the tournament very unintentionally, and it seemed to work.

Early in the tournament, I caught aces, and used them to more than double up to over $3200, but I really got stuck there after that, and slowly began to dwindle. But it wasn't until the final table that the dwindling took place.

Eventually, with 6 players left, I made a move to steal with A8o, and got raised by the SB. I was pretty much committed at that point and put the rest of my chips in, only to be called by AK, and my night was done.

I did enough to pass two people on the TLB, and finished well within my goal of top 3. I'm really proud of my second place finish on the Leader Board standings, and can't wait for Season 3 to get under way. Congrats to @Treystill for winning the Season 2 leaderboard, and congrats to @SteveBrogan for 3rd place, @Rhoegg for 4th, and @72Suited for 5th. It was a great season.

Also, congrats to @Mac_Zealot for winning the season 2 Finale and the big cash.

Then, last night there were only 5 players at the home game. Some last minute cancellations, and some prior obligations led to the smaller turnout, but we had a lot fun playing anyway. Brendan was the first to go out last night, and was followed by Chris. Tim nursed his short stack until the end getting eliminated by Amber in 3rd. Heads up between Amber and I lasted for quite a few hands. I came into the Heads up as the chip leader, and won more than my share of pots.

The final hand came with me in the BB, and Amber made the 5/10 blinds 20, and I re-raised to 80. Amber called, and we took a flop of J-4-3. Amber pushed all in, and I thought for a little bit before making the call with A-9. She tabled A-2, and the board bricked out giving me my 2nd win in as many weeks.

Next week, I have the TPT on Thursday as Season 3 kicks into gear, and the home game at Pablosplace looks good to go.

Also on Wednesday, it looks like we could have a small group going down to the Bike to play in the nooner. Right now, Tim, Jordan, and I are in it, and Chris is a maybe. Cheers, P

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Steve Brogan said...

There is nothing like a couple of back to back wins to help build some confidence back. Great to hear about your successes. "See you" next Thursday!