Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The U.S. Poker Directory - A Fantastic Site

A couple of months back, I started a discussion post on the Twitter Poker Tour website (http://www.twitterpokertour.com/ – for the plug). I was curious as to what card rooms everyone was playing in for live poker, and what stakes they were playing in. I was hopeful to find good tournament action wherever I went, and got some really great feedback from several players as to where they played, and what limits, and their likes and dislikes about certain venues. It was a very surface level chat that, while I enjoyed, didn’t really answer the questions that I had about poker rooms across the US.

Recently I ran into Jeff Becker on Facebook. Jeff has a website called US Poker Directory (http://www.uspokerdirectory.com/). On this site, I found all of the information that I was looking for, and then some. Jeff led me to a virtual map that used Google maps technology to have mapped every Brick and Mortar poker room in the US. It sounds pretty improbable, but I encourage you to check it out here (http://uspokerdirectory.com/poker-room-locations/). I was WAY impressed with what I saw.

If you scroll over any individual city, you can zoom in to see all of the casinos/card rooms in a geographical layout. By clicking on the icon, you pull up the casino/card room’s contact information, address, and a review of that card room by anyone who has stopped by. It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I encourage you to give the site a look, and provide some commentary on the card rooms that you’ve played in. The more participation and feedback that we can generate, the better the site becomes. Congrats Jeff on a marvelous site!!!

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