Friday, May 15, 2009

One weird week

I'm kinda glad that it's Friday today. I just wish that I wasn't going on this trip with Girl Scouts. I could use the time to relax with fewer kids in the house. Take it easy and wind down from everything that's happened in work, at home, and just basically in life. It's been a tornado, and now it's time to start picking up the pieces.

I'm glad that Traci's back home again. But it has added a few more wrinkles to the home life. She requires a lot of work when she's here simply because she needs assistance with everything, and there are a lot of things to do. But still, I'm glad to have her home.

The kids are.....well, they are kids. And they certainly can make life challenging. They have so many things happening in their social calendar, that it's hard to balance it all. And what little time I have left over, I try and squeeze some me time in. It's tough with all that is going on to simply relax, and let go.

When it comes to poker, I'd say that this is largely my problem of late. I've been too distracted by what's going on around me and the things that I need to do, places that I need to go, errands that I need to run, small household chores that need to be finished, etc. etc. etc., I haven't focused at all on having fun with poker, and playing well. All these distractions kind of came to a head last night.

I had to pick up Abby and Emma from my ex's at 5:30 which meant that I was going to cut it short to get back home. 2 phone calls as I arrived to pick up the kids meant that things were just running late. By the time that I got back to the house, 15 minutes had elapsed in the tourney. When I sat down, I was already down 180 chips. But I rebounded to chip in the right direction.

I'd eventually get over 4k in chips at one point, before blinds would take me down, and then chaos ensued. I was arranging the kids to get bathes taken care of, the older girls packed for their trips, and then Traci came home at the same time. There were orders being barked, kids running through the house looking for things and needing help, the little ones were in the tub. It was just a madhouse for about 30 minutes. That's when I busted. With 16 players left, I was moved from one table to the other and woke up in the BB with AK on my first hand at that table. A player from early position limped, and a player from middle position raised 3 times. Action folded to me, and I re-raised half the pot. The limper folded, and the original player moved all in. I called, but was in trouble when my opponent flipped KK. That would be my end of poker for the night.

There were 52 entrants in the tournament, and I guess that I can say that I exacted my revenge against Andy Bloch. After the QQ debacle a few weeks ago, I min-raised the first hand at his table with Q-10o from middle position. The CO and Button came along, and Andy folded from the small blind (advantage - me). The BB came along as well. We checked down the board to the river, and my turned Pair of Q's ended up the best hand. (advantage-me). Andy would bust a couple hands late in a race (AJ vs. 88) and his AJ never caught up (advantage-me). Overall I would say in the score vs. Andy Bloch, we're even (Score Andy -1, Pablo -1).

I'm hopeful that after I get home from this weekend with the Girl Scouts that I'll be able to recharge my batteries somehow. I could really use it. The home game tonight will be hosted at Andrew's house. Let me know if you need details on it, and I'll send you all the info that you need. Until next week, cheers - P

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