Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pablosplace History is Made

Last night saw another one of the ladies of Team7Deuce take down the home game, although this time it was a first. Amber has played with us for nearly a year, and while she's cashed several times, Heads up poker has just never been her friend. Last night things completely turned for her on her very first heads up hand as she and Gary moved all their chips into the middle on a flop of Q-J-6. Amber had shoved, and Gary made the call. Gary flipped over A-10 for Ace high and a gut-shot straight draw, but Amber tossed over Q-3 for the made top pair. The turn card helped out Amber even more as the 3c fell, meaning that Gary was drawing dead to the 4 remaining K's in the deck. But the river card of 9h meant that Amber would claim her first title at the Pablosplace Home Game. I couldn't be more proud. Congrats!

It was a great game last night as 9 players saw action to the felt in total. That means that we paid 3 players, and Traci returned to cash in 3rd, moving with Pocket Q's, but was called by Gary who tossed over A-6 suited to win the pot when he flopped an Ace.

It was great fun. I'm looking forward to getting my chance again next week as it's the last home game before the bachelor party game, a nice live game tune up. We should have a decent crowd here too as I've already spoken with several players that will be returning from last night, and another few that say that they are DEFINITELY in for next week.

Until then, Cheers - P

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