Thursday, April 3, 2008

The show must go on.....

with, or without regulars. With Jordan being in Fresno, Andrew holding up pablosplace pride in Las Vegas, and Tim hanging with relatives, I thought that Pablosplace would be a no-go last week. But, thanks to Robert and Tay bringing some added people (Sherman, who took the pot and brought tequilla), we had ourselves a game.

5 handed for both round 1 and round 2, Sherman put the beatdown on me during round 1. Heads up, I got worked over four straight hands and Sherman came out on top.

Traci didn't join us for round two, but Tim did make it in time, and ended up taking the pot down. I was eliminated on a really interesting hand. From the big blind, I checked my option, and we went 3 handed to the flop. I was holding J-5 offsuit. The flop came 4-5-6, 1 spade. I made a bet of 12, and Tay raised to 24. Robert folded and I called. The As came on the turn, and from UTG, I immediately went all in for my last 72. Tay went into the tank for a while and finally made the call, having me covered by 20. I commented "You've got me," only to have her turn over Qs-7s. She had a lot of outs (any 3, 7, 8, Q, or spade would've done the trick), and alas, the 7 of diamonds hit the river and I was eliminated. Tim controled action from there on out as the story goes, as I moped to the chair in the living room and proceeded to pass out.

Tomorrow looks to be a go for the moment, although I may have to fly into Fresno (more on that later probably through twitter). I'll let you know. Cheers, P

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