Friday, April 11, 2008

5 players tonight. We only played round one as this weeks exhaustion was felt. Andrew and I came out strong early amassing good size stacks. I gave a lot away to Tay on one hand. She'd flopped a set of 3's and pushed all in. I called and doubled her stack and dropped to about 60.

I caught a lucky break as Tay didn't call my bluff on a board with 4 clubs, I moved all in. The river gave Tay a set of Q's, but she made the smart move and laid down. I turned over my bluff and she was beside herself.

Robert was the first to go, busted by Andrew. And then Andrew was the next to go. He was hurt by Traci, who'd moved all in on the turn. She'd made the nut flush, and Drew called with two pair and a Q flush draw. The river was a fourth heart, but Traci was holding the king. That moved Drew to around 60. In the end, I took him down hitting a boat on the river with A-8. Andrew bluffed at it and I called.

Tay went out in 3rd as a flop of K-J-10 came up, and she moved all in. I called with A-J, and she turned over J-7. The turn came up Q, and she was done.

Traci and I split the pot as it all went to the house. Next week looks to be a go. If anyone wants to sponsor me in the All-In tournament, we're donating all the proceeds to charity (see previous blog). Cheers, P

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