Saturday, April 5, 2008

Don't Speak

Just take all your chips and run.

5 players in each of the first two rounds last night. It was culminated with Andrew taking the first round after a miracle recovery. Tim went into heads up after busting both Robert and I on the same hand, 4 handed. Blinds were at 3-6, and Tim called, followed by a call by Jordan. Robert then raised to 12, and I made my move all-in for my last 90. Tim went into the tank and finally called with A-Q os, Robert called almost immediately. I turned over Jh-10h, and Robert had pocket 4's. The flop came out A-Q-9 (no hearts), the turn was another 9, and the river blanked everyone. Tim's two pair gave him a massive lead heads up as Andrew was the short stack at around 40 chips.

The first pot went to Drew, doubling him, and slowly he whittled away all of Tim's chips before beating him with two pair on the final hand.

I took round two after a marathon heads up with Jordan. I took a large pot in the beginning flopping a set of Q's, when Tim hit top pair. Tay had raised the action, and I re-raised, Tim called, and Tay laid down. After the flop I pushed all in, and Tim made a smooth call to find himself drawing almost dead. Head ups with Jordan was about 40 hands. Finally I took down the pot hitting a flush on the river. Jordan hit his straight and re-raised me all in. I called and that ended it.

In round three, Tim, Drew, and I went three handed with a 125 start. I was first to go, after hitting a monster hand, I got stuck in reverse and never recovered. Drew eventually busted me flopping a straight. Heads up with Tim, Drew dominated action until the end.

Next week looks good to go for right now. I'll let you know if anything changes through twitter. I'm thinking that we should all BBQ beforehand. BYOM. Pass it along, and get more people over to pablosplace.

Cheers, P

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