Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Reg's for Friday Night

It was nice to have most of the group back in the place where we usually play at home. The pablosplace group brought almost all guys to the table last night, as Traci was the only female playing, but nursed her short stack all the way to a third place finish.

In all, Robert, Tim, Jordan, Jay, and Andrew, joined Traci and I to make a 7 person table and make the laughs abundant. Play was pretty good all the way through, and eventually, I ended up heads up with Jordan, with Jordan holding a significant chip advantage.

In the last hand, we gat it all in when I re-raised by shoving all in with A-5, and Jordan made the quick call with Pocket 8’s. The flop came 5-5-Q, and ran out bricking for Jordan to give me the win.

Next week, we’re good to go as it’s the last night that I’m in town before hopping a place to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. Until next time, cheers, P

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