Friday, February 13, 2009

Jack'ed up

Last week it was Queens that did me in. This week, it was pocket Jacks by the Queens.

We had another 30+ showing at the Twitter Poker Tour as 33 players made their way to the Thursday Night game. I began my evening with a renewed enthusiasm as I’d been playing well enough of recent to enjoy a couple of cashes in tourneys. But I was having fun playing poker, and the TPT always enhances that.

I didn’t think that I played extremely well, but I picked my spots for the majority of the tournament, and at the break I somehow managed to take myself into 2nd in chips. I didn’t have amazing cards, but played the ones that I had pretty well. 3 hands basically became my undoing.

The first one was a pot with @The_Gov, I was dealt pocket J’s, and made a 2.5 raise. Action was pretty tight at the table, and most people were folding even to min raises or small post flop raises. But from the SB, @The_Gov, re-raised, and I made the call. Heads-up to the flop @The_Gov moved all-in with a board of Kn-brick-brick, and I put him on a flush draw and made the call having him covered. He tabled Pocket Q’s and I didn’t catch up. From there, @The_Gov made a great run and amassed a sizeable chip stack. He played really well from where I sat, and controlled a lot of the action at the table.

Down to 10 players, I got it all in calling a pre-flop shove when I got pocket J’s again. Heads up, my opponent tabled Pocket Q’s again. And that left me with only about 1200 or chips. I was pretty well done in there, but still had one more shove in me, getting it in from the button with pocket 5’s, and getting one caller, who tabled pocket J’s, and my evening was ended in 10th place.

Final table action was well played again, and the heads up lasted well in excess of 100 hands. Eventually the night ended when @arispoker called the pre-flop all in by @rhoegg and having him in trouble A-5 vs. J-5. The board produced no help for @rhoegg and @arispoker took down the pot in a great battle.

Congrats to the others who cashed: 3rd Waz Poker, 4th markofInk, and 5th, magictrekker.

It was another fun Thursday Night. Don’t miss out on the upcoming event next Thursday on Full Tilt. Click here for more details ( Until next time, cheers.

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