Friday, February 27, 2009

A final table appearance at the TPT

Thursday brought 41 players to the Twitter Poker Tour as the crew saw action on Pokerstars for TPT-Stars #10. Play was pretty fast and furious early, and I got caught up in a really bad hand with an opponent who kept calling me down.

We both took a flop with me in the BB of J-brick-brick. I had J-7, and led out on the flop, turn, and the river, the last bet being enough to put my opponent all in. The turn and river bricked out as well leaving me with top pair, and almost all under cards. I didn’t put my opponent on a straight, and when he called my River bet, I was surprised to see QJ, but the Q kicker was good.

From there, I was only left with 400 plus chips, and would take 470 to the first break. Then it became a real shove-fest for me, where anytime I got something moderately decent, I moved all in. I stayed alive long enough to double my stack a couple times, the biggest of which getting 2 callers with pocket 6’s. When the cards were flipped, my opponents tabled AK and A7. The flop came out 4-6-7, and I was in really good shape. The turn produced another 7 giving me a boat, and a couple more outs to my opponent, but the river bricked, and I moved to over 3k in chips.

I was able to nurse that stack pretty much all the way to a final table where I would get bounced in 9th place. I raised half my stack with pocket 8’s, and the guy on me left moved over the top all in. I thought that he had Aces or Kings, but was hoping for AK when I made the call to at least make it a race. But I was right when I called and he tabled K’s.

I had to leave shortly thereafter to pick up some IV supplies for Traci, so I didn’t get a chance to catch the final table action after that. But I want to extend my congrats to the players who cashed.

5th – S.t.b
4th – Waz Poker
3rd – sotied
2nd – 110 Octane
And a special congrats to taz31362 for winning the event. It was another well played event, and I’m happy that I made it back in time to play in it.

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