Saturday, August 8, 2009

Twice as Nice

Last night saw 8 players take the action at the felt at the home game, and it was a similar story for Jordan who took down his 2nd First Place Finish in as many weeks. Jordan mixed a very patient early play, with a tight aggressive strategy late to chip up huge, and never looked back.

In the end, Janeth was the first player to be eliminated, followed by myself, and then by Jay. Tim would be the next to go on a hand that was really the swing hand of the night.

From early position Robert opened with a min raise, and Jordan re-raised in a 3 bet. Tim came over the top all in, and Robert let it go. Jordan found himself priced to call and made the chip commitment for virtually all of his chips and tabled AKos to Tim's QQ. The anticipation didn't last long, as the flip proved to be a big advantage for Jordan when a K hit the flop. No help for Tim on the turn or river meant that he was sent to the rail, as Jordan had him covered by a mere 6 chips.

That big pot gave Jordan a huge chip advantage, and when Andrew left in 4th, and Traci in 3rd, it left him large stacked against Robert heads up.

The final hand played out with all the money going in on the turn card with the board reading Qd-Jd-Ac-As. Robert made the shove, and Jordan made the easy call tabling Ad-9d for the winning set and having Robert drawing dead with Jh-8h. The river fell the meaningless 4s and Jordan took down is 2nd Pablosplace title in as many weeks.

Next week looks good to go, so we'll see you all here.

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