Friday, August 7, 2009

Last Night's TPT

I haven't been running well in tournaments the last week or so. For some reason, I've been running really good in the ring games, but tourney's I've just run dry. Last night was no exception.

I couldn't really get anything going early in the TPT, and then I was bounced in 15th after getting crippled on a bad move. I called from middle position with 4-4 after a player open min raised. The button and both blinds came along, and the flop came out 2-3-5. Action checked around to me, and I simply checked, which is where I think I made the biggest mistake in this hand. The button checked as well, and we all saw a turn card of a 7. This time, when action was checked back to me, I opened it up for about 1/3 the pot, and the button and SB folded. But the BB shoved all in. It was folded back to me for most of my stack and I went with a read that said he was on AK. I was wrong, and my opponent tabled 77 for top set. I was crushed, had a few outs, but the board bricked out and I was crippled down to 460 chips.

Two hands later I got it all in with Qh-Jh from early position, and had one raiser. Action folded around and I was heads up against 7-7. The board held up for the pair of 7's and I was eliminated.

I'm not really sure yet as to why it is that I've been running so good on the cash games, but so bad in the tourney's. I'll have to take a look at some of my plays through my hand history's and see if I can put it all together.

Tonight is the home game at Pablosplace. I'm really looking forward to hanging out with the gang. Cheers, P

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