Thursday, March 5, 2009

Team7Deuce kills it at the TPT

Thursday Night's Twitter Poker Tour saw 35 players in TPT-Tilt #10, and 3 of them were member of Team7Deuce. I've been able to talk Jordan into the TPT the last two Tilt tourney's, and he would again play tonight. And making his first TPT appearance, Andrew would also create a user name for Tilt and join the fun. All in all, it was a good run by all of us.

For me, I started out well in the early going, chipping up to a healthy stack after first turning a nut flush and getting paid, then hitting a set of 6's from the small blind, and getting paid again. It left me with about 2600 chips, and that was enough to carry me into the middle rounds.

Andrew had chipped up nicely early to around 2600, but then took a few losses and hovered at around 1200. At the break, all three of us were healthy enough.

Andrew would be the first of our three-some to bow out, as he'd really dwindled to just a few chips, and got the rest of them in before exiting in 12th place, a very respectable finish.

I was holding tight as cards were tough to come by. With 10 players left, I found some luck when an all in took place from the button, and I woke up to Aces. I had my opponent covered only slightly, and was pleased when he turned over KK. The board ran out offering no improvement to the Kings, and I doubled my stack to nearly 10k. I hovered there for a while, and then started to back track. On one big hand with 6 players remaining, I raised enough to move my opponent in with pocket 9's. Trouble was, my opponent had flopped the nut flush with Ad-Kd, and I was drawing dead after the turn produced a K.

But I did have enough chips to last to the bubble, and ended up in 4th place and in the money. It was a nice cash, and a well played tourney.

In third place, @Street3 left the action. He'd played brilliantly the entire tourney, and controlled the largest stack for much of the action. But eventually, his cards went dry late, and he ran into Aces to deliver the final blow. But it was a great run.

Heads up action say Jordan and @mac_zealot with very little playing around. A quick all-in and call saw Jordan's pocket 8's ahead of AQ, but that would be short lived as a Q fell on the flop. @mac_zealot would win the coin flip and take down TPT-Tilt #10 in a wonderfully played tournament.

I'll be interested to see where I'll end up in the TPT TLB (tournament leader board - standings in the AM. Coming in to the tournament, I was in 2nd place, but with this deep run, I may have taken the top spot. We'll see in the AM.

For the home game, we look good to go tomorrow night at Pablosplace. Cheers, P


Steve Brogan said...

Great game. Your consistent play should put you in number one spot on the leader board. the Team7Deuce make a decent showing as well.

Geoff Manning said...

Ask, and you shall receive!

TPT Leader Board has a new Points Leader!

S1ndr0me said...

ahhh guys i wish i could play in the tour.... but you guys play at a silly time for me