Saturday, March 21, 2009

And the beats just keep on coming

We had a good turnout of good players at the home game last night. I would say that it was probably a collection of our historically best players. In all, 7 players saw action and it was very good, solid play throughout.

Robert was the first to go as he moved the rest of his chips against Andrew, and Andrew tabled the nut flush. Jordan would go out soon after, having just been card dead throughout most of the evening. Tim would leave in 5th place, just getting flat unlucky. Nursing a short stack, he moved with KK, and got a call by Andrew with AA.

4 handed play lasted a few hours as the chip stacks were relatively even. Things shook up when Andrew made a great call. On a Board of 9h-8h-7s, Andrew led out, and I moved all in holding Jh-9s. Andrew thought for a few minutes before making the call with Qc-9c. The turn and river bricked out and I ended up doubling Andrew, and leaving me crippled with about 50 chips. With the blinds at 4-8, I’d make a few moves and eventually chip back up to around 70. I then got it all in pre flop looking for a steal, and Traci decided to give it a call for about 1/3 of her remaining chips. I was displeased until she tabled Qd-7d, and found out that I was ahead. But the way I’ve been running lately, it just didn’t matter. The flop was clear for me, but the Qc on the turn did me in, and I was out in 4th place.

Traci would lose the rest of her chips a couple hands later moving all in with 7-2os on a board of K-7-7. Andrew made the easy call tabling K-7 for the boat and ended up chipping up huge.

Heads up only lasted a few minutes, and Andrew emerged victorious over Jack by the time that I’d made it back down the hall from helping out Traci.

Congrats to Andrew for cashing, and congrats to Jack for the 2nd place cash. We should be good to go next week as well. Hope to see you guys here.

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