Friday, September 26, 2008

Still Alive...

and still playing poker on Friday nights. I just haven't felt the urge to blog about it lately.

I've missed 3 weeks of blogging about Friday nights since Morongo, and the reality is, we saw some really great play here.

3 weeks ago, it was a flush-fest which benefited the ladies a great deal. In her return to the table at pablosplace, Team7Deuce absentee Tay returned in glorious fashion to dominate the felt, taking down a rich pot. Amber came down in second place place, which is her first cash in quite sometime. For all of her time away from the game, she came back a stronger player. I'm looking forward to taking our game out of pablosplace and putting Team7Deuce in a casino again. Soon. We're playing that well.

The last two weeks had Tim controlling action when all was said and done. Last week's heads up action was one for the ages.

Tim had eliminated me (twice by the way with a catch on the River), and left he and Andrew heads up at around 11PM. And at 2:30, they finally woke me off the couch, having just finished. A 3:30 heads up match was longer than us playing the 7 handed action that we played. It was pretty incredible.

I'll get a little more regular updates from here on out, starting with tonight's game (which is on). I'm looking forward to seeing you all here.

Also, I found out from Phat that the Bike is running a tourney on Sunday that looks apetizing. $60 gives you the buy in plus a one time add-on. I think that the pot is guaranteed to be at least 15k. Don't know exactly how many entrants that they have, but we'll discuss possible participants tonight. Gator, P

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