Sunday, September 28, 2008

The 700 Club

I have to begin this post with many thanks to Phat and his buddies for bringing to our attention today's tournament at the Bike. We were able to get 3 Team7Deuce members out to the Bicycle Casino to play the $50+10 Buy in tourney with a $5 optional re-buy. In addition to the 5 players from Phat's home game, we took the Bicycle by storm. Well sort of.

Of the tourney's that we've played in thus far, I think that I enjoyed this one the most. It had a great format as a Main Event like atmosphere. We found out shortly after the first break that 700 players entered into the tournament. The Bike filled their main ballroom, as well as the foyer, and several tables in the main poker room. It was insanity.

Starting chip stack gave each player $5000 starting chips, and the $5 add on gave an additional $6000. The blinds began at $25/50, so it really allowed the opportunity to play some real poker. It was a blast.

Our 8 folks were spread out amongst the tables throughout the casino. The first bust out that I was made aware of was Jordan. He had Pocket Q's busted by a guy who called his pre-flop raise with K-Q, and flopped a K. After the break, we had a few other guys that we met up with who had also hit the rail.

Tim, Steve, Phat and I were still in it, and holding our own. I really controlled the table that I was at, amassing a chip stack of roughly 30 k. Tim was at around 30k as well, and Steve around mid-20's. Phat was short stacked, and eventually would lose after flopping two pair, and the other guy top pair. All the money went in on the flop. But, the other guy got lucky when he turned a K. It still left Phat with some outs as he now had a flush draw, but the river bricked out and Phat left with about 170 players left.

After the break, things went cold for me as I couldn't make anything stick. I was moved to another table and got my hand caught in the cookie jar chasing a flush that never emerged. I donk'ed off about 9k on that hand. Then, after a move to what would be my last table, I made a good lay down after my pre-flop raise was re-raised. But I was left with only around 9k in chips. I got them all in a little bit later with AK os, and was called by one other player who turned over K-5. That hand ended up being my undoing as a 5 spiked the river, and I was toast with about 180 or so players left.

Tim lasted quite a bit longer, playing through the second break. He reached the break with 44k. He lost a bunch when someone sucked out on him. And then lost the rest getting it all with Kc-Jc. Pocket 10's were better, but he had them covered. But he didn't have the K-Q covered that also called, and Q kicker played. Tim ended up somewhere around 115 players or so remaining.

Steve was the big winner of the group, as he nursed a short stack through the first two breaks, and eventually played his way down into the money. He eventually cashed in 43rd, and brought home $120 big ones, doubling his entry fee. An excellent performance for a first time tournament player. Congrats Steve.

It was an awesome tourney, and I'm proud of the way that we all played. More on the next event soon.

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