Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tim's Round.....Again

So, we went 6 handed on Friday night, as Robert and Traci couldn't make it. But we had a new addition to the group, Jose. He played great, eventually knocking me out as the first departure of the night.

I played stupid. Maybe beneath that. But it was very much bad. After two rebuys, I moved with a board of Q-Q-4 holding K-J. I was called by Jose almost immediately with A-Q. I was dead. Jordan went out second and Coli made a light night appearance. We went out to the garage and threw darts for about an hour.

After Jordan left, I came back in and Jose had been bumped out. Tay went out in third place, getting her money back. And Andrew nursed the short stack for seemingly forever, making a game out of it three handed, but eventually going out to Tim in second.

That makes 3 out of the last four nights to Tim who's just been unconscious lately. Hopefully, that will carry over to Seven Deuce Day, which approaches quickly.

Many kudos to all that played and kicked my buttocks on Friday. And a big shout out to, as it has moved up in the world, gathering linking status as a "Non-Hobo" blogger site on I have never been more proud. Well maybe......

Next Friday looks good to go, and on a short week, I'm hoping to actually play decent this time. See you all then.

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