Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Best Friday Night.....Ever

I don't know that bring a friend night could really have been much better. I don't think that there was really an area of improvement.

We had almost 20 people for the Barbecue, and 13 players for the poker game. The Q' was grub. We had Burgers, Dogs, Ribs, Watermelon, and a bunch of other goodies, including Birthday cake to celebrate Traci's 31st. We had karaoke (American Idol version) and lots of fellowship before hand. It was a blast. Now, to the poker......

With 13 players, we implemented the poker timer. I hadn't brought it out since it flopped at the Granada Hills house, but with 13 people and 2 tables, we needed a consistent way to keep the blinds and action moving. It worked very well.

Order of Finish, down to the final table was:

13 - Tay
12 - Jen
11 - Jason
10 - Amir
9 - Me

Then we had a final table. For the record, I busted moving for my last 32 with A-10, and got called by Tim with pocket K's. When he flopped a K, I was done.

The final table was really good action. Becky was eliminated in 8th place, playing exceptionally well. With 7 players remaining, the chip leaders with about equal stacks were Tim, Sherman, and Jordan.

Short stacked, Robert moved all in twice and won both times. The third time was his undoing, and he busted in 7th place going out to Sherman.

Michelle played great. She was moved to my table just before the split, and was able to keep her stack alive until she went out in 6th. Tim flopped an Ace, and Michelle couldn't catch up.

With 5 players remaining, the short stacks belonged to Traci and Andrew, who were both sitting at around 100 chips. That changed on one big pot where Andrew moved against Sherman, who eventually made a big lay down. Andrew improved his stack to around 250, and Sherman took a hit.

Then, Jordan made his move, and got caught by Tim. On the river, Jordan moved with two pair AQ, and was called by Tim who hung around to make a flush on the river. That crippled Jordan to almost elimination, leaving him with only 20 chips. But he wasn't done. He first doubled his stack through Sherman, and then later quadrupled his stack when his Ace high was good enough.

Traci was dwindling and finally moved with suited 9-6. Tim made the call and then eliminated Traci in 5th place. Traci failed to improve and Tim's King was good enough.

Shortly after, Jordan made a mis-step moving all in on the flop, and Andrew made a quick call after flopping the straight. Jordan left in 4th place.

3 handed, Tim and Andrew were roughly now similar stacked, and Sherman had the least chips. They played 3 handed for around 30 minutes, when Tim caught Sherman with the Nut flush. This gave Tim a size able advantage heads up with Andrew.

Two hands in, it was done in pre-flop as Andrew moved with A-Q, and Tim called with A-K. Andrew actually flopped a Q, but the turn was a K and it was all done.

Tim played really well on Friday, as really did everyone here. I'm glad that we got the turnout that we did. It made for a really great game.

This Friday still looks ok to go. I'll be coming from a conference in San Diego, but I should be able to make it back in time for poker. We'll plan on the usual time of 8pm. Thanks to everyone who attended and everyone who played. As always, there's an open invitation to pablosplace, anytime. See you all again on Friday. Cheers, P

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