Monday, March 10, 2008

Pablosplace Returns

Thank goodness this site hasn't taken off. Otherwise, someone could've bought the domain name, and whew, what would we do.

I forgot to pay go the necessary hosting fees to keep the site up, so I lost the domain name temporarily. Good news is, the renewal was for 2 years, and now we're looking at Pablosplace postings until the year 2010. Seems a lot farther away when I see it written.

Last couple of updates, from three weeks ago - Tim rocked all of us. He basically took us all out one by one until he had all the chips. He and I ended up heads up, but it didn't really matter. He'd had a sizeable chip lead, and I was toast on the third hand.

Last week, Tim and I took turns winning pots. He took round 1, and I round 2. Both hands we were heads up at the end. It was a strange round 2 because Drew had some stuff to do with work right in the middle, so it took a while to get going, and then a large break right smack in the middle of it. But we got it in.

Traci and I also played on Saturday night with great success. We went over to my bosses house and made them feel like we were ringers. We played an 8 person tourney with no re-buys, $20 buy in. Before hand, we declared the pot to be $120-40 for the first and second place finisher. Three handed, Traci and I were still neck and neck with one other person.

On a board of A-K-J-10, she made a move all-in, and I sat and thought for a while. I was holding A-10, and finally made the call. She flipped over Q-3 and I thought that I was toast. I got saved however by a miracle Ace on the river giving me a full house. I had her covered, and Traci and I were heads up for the pot. We agreed to chop the pot, but played one hand face up to see who won, and her A-8 was a lot better than my 8-3. She made two pair on the river for the record.

It was a nice come-up. This weekend, we're a no-go. I'll be in Dallas, TX partying with Brett. Week after next looks ok. I think we can plan on that one.


Traci said...

Yeah Baby!

Traci said...

Yeah Baby!