Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Marathon

Last week was the round 1 that wouldn't end. It began with 6 players at 8 PM, and wrapped up with Jordan taking the last chips from Tim at around 12:30 PM.

Tim actually was bounced first on a bad call with Jordan moving all in catching a straight on the turn. His two pair didn't do any good. But a re-buy and a couple of double up's made him competitive. I was the next to go and then re-bought, only to get bounced again on my second hand back in. A big blind special with 10-9, the flop came out 10-9-K, and I moved all in with my two pair. Jen was already all in with the small blind. Traci called, and then Tim called. The turn came 7, giving Traci a straight with J-8, and the river was another club giving Tim a club flush. I was toast.

Jen went out next, followed by Michelle (who's play was really impressive for a first timer). Traci, Jordan, and Tim went 3-handed for almost 2 hours, before Traci bowed out. Jordan and TIm's heads up was about 30 minutes, and then it was over. Most everyone cleared out for round 2, but Andrew showed, and we went three handed. Tim came out on top of that one.

Next week looks like a no-go. Most everyone has something else going on, so we'll consider it a pass for this week. Cheers, P

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