Friday, September 25, 2009

TPT Season 4 Final Event

On Sunday, I’ll be playing in the Twitter Poker Tour Season 4 Finale, where the winner receives a $256 entry in the Full Tilt Poker Sunday Brawl. There are 18 players who qualified based on points accumulated in the TPT standings over the 12 week season. I actually qualified through my play in both the TPT, and the TPTE. Here are the players who will be playing in the event (their Full Tilt Poker Names, and their twitter ID’s):

4get 2 4bet me - @4get24betme
Astro_Pup - @TracyJSnell
Broker91 - @JustPlayPoker
Excalibur9 - @Glasgowgooner
Fleapid - @Coolwhipflea
GoofyRooster - @_desperado
KingSteve7 - @KingSteve
McChickenHead - @prp2
MrSoprano111 - @MrSoprano
Mysticslayer - @MysticalJett
ShackedIn06 - @Bloomey
StevieTrips - @SteveBrogan
Street 3 - @Street3
Swyyft - @Swyyft
Taz31362 - @TreyStill
Teruna - @x10man
Widmayer - @Widmayer
WOWSPLAT - @CaptainWowsplat

I will be in full rail mode, giving real time tweets courtesy of Twitter on my @Pablosplace Twitter account. Feel free to give me a follow for the real time updates.

Good luck everyone!

Note – both Cprpoker (@cprpoker) and Amuzulo (@chucksmith) qualified for the tournament, but will be unable to attend. There spots were filled based on the alternate selection process established by the TPT leaderboard.

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