Monday, July 27, 2009

Tim's Birthday Poker

On Saturday Night, the group got together at BJ's Brewery for some dinner to celebrate Tim's turning yet another year older. It was a fun time, with some great grub and some great fellowship.

After the meal, we headed back to my place for some poker action. In all, we were 7 handed. The play started out pretty fast, and included both Tim and I having to exercise our re-buy options relatively early (Tim a few times, although once he got really unlucky when I called his pre-flop all-in with 44. He showed 77 and I flopped a set of 4's to bust him).

In the end, once the re-buy period was over, Tim was the first player to exit. Chris would follow him, and Amber shortly after. Amber was clearly under the weather, and committed the last of her chips on a Q high board, but I made the call with KK and had her Q4 dominated. The turn and river offered her no improvement, and she was eliminated in 5th.

4 handed action lasted a few hours as Jay, Cherice, Traci and I were all relatively similarly stacked, though I believe that Traci began with the most chips, and Cherice near as many, and Jay and I were slightly shorter. We played really great poker, but it was very conservative for the most part. A lot of preflop raises to steal the blinds, with occasional continuation bets on the flop to scoop relatively smallish pots. I was able to chip up quite nicely to a decent stack, and a relatively comfortable chip lead.

Jay would be the 1st of our foursome to go out committing the last of his chips short stacked and just coming out behind. And 3 handed action commenced, and went about another hour. The first all in and call happened with the board showing Ks-Js-7c-2h. Traci made the move all in and I was faced with a very tough decision holding As-2s. It wasn't that much more to make the call, but I really didn't have a great read on her. Based on implied and pot odds, I went against my gut, and made the call hoping to hit the river. Traci tossed over 2-2 for the turned set, and the river bricked out doubling her up.

Shortly there after, I would steal a couple more blinds, and then play back at Cherice to get the rest of her chips in the middle on the turn. I had made a standard pre-flop bet of 3 times with K9, and Cherice came along. The flop came K high, and I made a continuation bet of another 30, and Cherice again made the call. The turn came with a 9, and I moved all in, Cherice committed the remainder of her chips with an Ace high, and I raked a good pot to take a sizable chip advantage to heads up.

Heads up with Traci lasted only two hands, when I got Traci to commit all of her chips after turning a straight. She called with middle pair, and the evening was over. It was the second win for me in as many nights.

Next Friday looks good to go for the home game, so we'll be a go at the same time as usual. See ya then. - Cheers, P

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