Monday, November 17, 2008

A long overdue win

Having been unable to claim a victory since early July, it was time to win one for Pablo. We went into play 6 handed, and action got heavy quick.

On the first hand of the night, Tim limped from under the gun, got a call from Traci, and then I made it 6 with pocket J’s. Tay made the call, Amber followed suit, and Chris folded from the big blind. Next to act was Tim again who raised it up to 18. Traci quickly folded the action to me, where I wasted no time in calling all in. Tay thought for a little before giving her hand up, and then Amber did the same. Tim, however, made a quick call and we flipped over our cards on the first hand of the night, me with my J’s, and Tim, A-Kos. The board didn’t improve Tim, and he re-bought after the first hand.

It wasn’t Tim’s night, as a little later, he fell into Amber’s trap. After limping to see 3 players take a flop of 8-7-5, Amber led with a bet of 4. Tim pushed for his last 30 or so, and Traci folded. Amber made a quick call turning over pocket K’s, and Tim’s night was done as he showed J-8.

Tay then busted, but her re-buy was a good one as she was able to increase her chip stack steadily. Soon, Traci busted, and then re-bought and then busted again.

With the action 4 handed, I was holding about half of the chips with Amber, Tay, and Chris all holding about similar stacks. But Tay took a big pot from Chris, and a good sized advantage, and Amber’s stack whittled before she busted as well. 3 handed, I eliminated Chris when I got pocket Q’s, and got him to shove his last 30 or so chips after pairing the board.

Heads up, I held a slight advantage to Tay, but she went card dead. We played several hands, but eventually, she just ran out of chips after not being able to catch anything.

I checked the pablosplace archives and it looks like July 12th was the last time that I won a pot here. I didn’t think that it’d been that long, but I’ve been playing poorly enough that even the home game hasn’t gone well. Hopefully, tonight will set me back in the right direction.

Next week looks good to go. Until next Friday, cheers, P

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