Sunday, August 24, 2008

Robert Rocks - Twice

The last two pablosplace games were dominated by Robert, both times. His play has been exceptional as of late, and heading into the Sunday B-Day Tournament, he's been looking real strong.

This past week got me flustered as I had Tim catch up with flushes twice when I had better cards. Once, he made it with 10-4 of spades, and the other (bumping me out mind you) with 7s-3s.

Spades just haven't been my friend of late. In the end, Robert and Jordan went toe to toe in a colossal heads up match that saw the chip stack sway back and forth repeatedly for about 45 minutes. And given the number of re-buys, there were over 1200 chips in play for heads up action.

This coming Friday is a no-go for Traci and I, as we have tickets for the Hollywood Bowl. But any gamers that still want to play at pablosplace are more than welcome.

Cheers, P

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