Saturday, June 14, 2008

A new system...

A similar result.

Applying the small ball strategy worked for a long while tonight, until I couldn’t catch cards anymore. Using the new stuff I learned on, I built a large chip lead, more than doubling my chip stack in about the first 15 hands.

Then, things really unraveled. First, Amber doubled off of me. I flopped two pair, and bet the flop. Amber called. The river came with an Ace, and I moved Amber all in. Amber called and I had her as she had AQ. But the river paired the board giving Amber a better two pair.

Tim got some big chips off of Robert, who eventually went out to me when I out kicked him with K high.

Then, I lost another giant pot when Traci doubled off of me, hitting quad 5’s on the river. From there, I spiraled down and eventually out. I made my move calling Tim’s raise to three times the big blind with 8-7os. The flop came Q-8-5, and I moved all in. Tim made a quick call with Q-J. I didn’t improve and was done in 4th.

3 handed, Tim had a giant chip stack and used it well. He navigated the large stack for a long while, until Traci finally went out. And then he eliminated Amber after a long fought heads up battle, that included several double ups by Amber.

Amber actually made a Royal Flush on the river of one hand, and brought herself to around 160. But Tim maintained a sizeable chip lead throughout play. In the end, Tim flopped a set of fours, and Amber made an All in move on a the board of 4-4-7-8. She flipped K-7, and Tim K-4. The river was a case four giving Tim Quads and the pot.

It was a long fought heads up with some outstanding play at the end. The three handed action to the eventual heads up victory by Tim lasted just over 2 hours. Eventually the blinds had to be raised to 10-20 just to get enough action back and forth.

For next week, we look good, and with any luck, the Team 7 Deuce Shirts may be ready by Friday. I’ll let you know. Cheers, P

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