Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year

Its funny, because as I write this, I'm sitting at my home computer, waiting for a Hubble No-Limit Freeroll Tournament on Pokerstars to begin. My day is comprised of waiting for a new hybrid vehicle, a new I-Phone, and a conference call to commence in about an hour and a half. Since Christmas, I've been engaged, and found new employment. Easily, these are the two biggest stories of my new year. Poker has really taken a back seat. I have played a little better of late too though.

Tim, this one goes out to you. Thanks for staying on top of me to update pablosplace more frequently than I have. I've really lacked the motivation with all of the other stuff happening in life, and perhaps I should make a new years resolution (albeit, two weeks tardy) to update pablosplace with more regularity. Perhaps then I can remove my status from from relative unknown, to quasi-hobo blogger. One can only hope.

We had poker here on New Years Eve. It was a lot of fun ringing in the new year with Jordan, Tim, Brian, and Tay and my fiancee. I don't remember who won. I remember playing horse for a while, and then promptly busting while playing omaha high/lo (my arch rival). But it was definitely a good time.

We played two rounds last Friday. Round 1 was a marathon that lasted past 11:30. Tim and I ended up heads up, and Andrew threw out the suggestion of increasing blinds to 15-30. Since we had 7 players, it was a tough stretch from 5-10. Tim took the first monster hand and I was crippled. But, two double ups gave me momentum, and I was catching cards from there to take it. It ended with me catching pocket J's, and flopping a set. Tim moved all in after we checked to the turn and I had him.

In round two, a couple of re-buys later, Tim and I were heads up again at around 2Am. He again took the first big pot, and I didn't recover. The last hand rivered the fourth spade on the board, and I moved with a 7s. Tim called (quickly) with the 10s, and it was done.

Next friday seems to be a definite maybe. I keep getting that everyone else has conflicting stuff going on. So it'll depend on you guys. I'll be here, and am happy running a game. Maybe it'll be another Hubble tourney. Anyhow, I'm folding my 9-4os, and heading back to paying attention to the other tournament. Adieu.

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